Young Nudists Show The AANR How It’s Done

Naturists America is a new nudist organization based in the New York/New Jersey area who welcomes anyone from anywhere. There is much interest in social nudism… based on Google’s adwords traffic estimator the term “Nudist” is searched (every month) 673,000 times in the USA and 2,240,000 times worldwide.  However, there are not many mainstream websites that cater directly to the young nudist population. Based on reports from the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) & The New York Times – “In 2007, nude recreation represented a $440 million industry — up from $400 million in 2001 and $200 million in 1992 — and it’s still growing,” says the AANR, which promotes au natural vacations as “nakations.”

“We know that there is an increasing number of young people who are interested in the naturist lifestyle,” says Jordan Blum (one of the founders of Young Naturists America). He goes on to say, “I remember going to the nude beach at Robert Moses ten years ago and seeing that most of the people were in their mid 40’s and up… but this last summer we saw so many new people under the age of 35 that it felt like a nudist college-graduate party or get-together.” When asked about the financial expense of creating all these platforms, meet-ups, websites and events, Jordan just smiled and said: “We are not looking to make money on the people who use the site and platforms, but it would be great to get some of my life savings back… but if it takes off (pardon the pun) and I lose my investment, I’ll still say it was worthwhile – it’s all about the people and the movement, it is not about me personally.”

Their website is geared towards the “younger tech savvy community” – filled with all kinds of social media aspects, personal blog features, forums, profiles, to name but a few. They published a number of articles to help educate people about nudism and the nudist lifestyle as well as to recommend trusted sites.  They also warn people of any bad or misleading websites and organizations.  Along with party events and website content, they are trying to get people connected through all kinds of online features (see “facebook” feature and forums).

Last but not least, read Felicity’s Blog. Here we get to see what the nudist world looks like through the eyes of pretty young lady in her early 20’s. A young lady in the nudist world is not that easy to come by, but Young Naturists America are hoping to change all that! Her blog and the  website are so popular they have the whole nudist world talking about it and wondering, who are Felicity & Jordan? They also just announced their next event – Nude Years Eve In NYC!

SOURCE Young Naturists America