With Paint Your Life, you can turn any image into a painting

custom painting from photo

No matter the image, Paint Your Life can transform it into a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted work of art in just a few simple steps, whether you took it with your phone or discovered an old picture in that hidden storage bin in the garage. A hand-painted, personalized painting can be a wonderful way to bring your images to life for a variety of purposes, including gift-giving and adding a unique touch to your home or workplace.

Paint Your Life provided our team with a custom painting for the office, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Working with over 300 professional portrait artists from around the world, artists work in physical studios, personal studios, or even from home to bring any image to life.


Jumping into Paint Your Life is a very simple and easy process- the website’s How It Works process outlines how simple it is to upload an image and see it.

On arrival, our team immediately began an order. You can choose from a variety of custom painting from photo, including those of people and even your pets, or you can upload an image that doesn’t suit one of the categories by choosing a simple “unsure” piece.

After that, you can choose the style of painting you want from a variety of media, including colored pencils, charcoal, oil, and more. Let Paint Your Life choose your artist, or look through their directory to choose someone whose aesthetic and body of work you like.

Simply upload the photo you wish to be painted and go to the submission for evaluation. That’s it. Wait for the artist to provide you with mockups and a sample sketch to study before giving the green light. You have complete control over the appearance, backdrop options, and even how it is framed once it is ready to purchase.


Our team was now prepared to test the procedure after locating an appropriate office image to go with it. The subject of what to paint was hotly contested (because the options are endless). Do we use a picture of our logo? Do we position our founder in the same manner as Batman, above the fireplace? At the company picnic, will we paint our team? decision after decision.

Our team uploaded a final image on which we all agreed, chose our painting options, and let Paint Your Life choose the artist- since what do we know about artists? After we made our selections, our inbox was inundated with information, next steps, and painting progress.

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The Method

We gave it a 9 out of 10. With the occasional email difficulty. It took a hit, but the process of buying, uploading. And verifying a photograph could not have been simpler or more enjoyable to watch. As it moved to the final step.

The outcome

The end outcome exceeded our expectations. We could see how this might be a great present for a loved one. A creative way to make a taken photo into a centerpiece. Or a cool way to add some personalized design to the home or workplace.


Here are several features that, in our opinion. Make Paint Your Life a wonderful discovery after obtaining our own personalized piece of art.

Paint your Life can paint anything from pets to portraits, family photos, anniversary memories, and everything in between! If this occurs, it can painted. The artwork-backed money-back guarantee. So there’s no risk of getting something truly unique.



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