What services does a digital marketing agency offer?

What services does a digital marketing agency offer?

In the middle of 2021, do you still not know the services offered by a digital marketing agency ? Have you had any problem on your social networks, website or online store that is getting out of hand? Don’t worry, in this article we explain each of the online marketing services and solutions.

Pay attention to each of them: if you need more information about a specific service or want to ask us how they could be applied to your business, get in touch with our astronauts .

1. They will be able to develop an effective digital marketing plan

The digital marketing plan is a strategic document that encompasses all the strategies, actions and objectives to be developed by the company in the digital environment within a certain period of time.

The writing of this document can be the differential fact that marks the success of a company in the digital world. Having experts in the sector is a competitive advantage for your company, since you will have advice from professionals with experience in all kinds of digital strategies.

Initial analysis and objectives

For its elaboration, it is based on an initial analysis and the objectives that are desired to be achieved are proposed. Once this preliminary phase is completed, the strategies, actions and metrics will be established to achieve it within a period of time. The monitoring of the digital marketing plan is usually carried out jointly, to interpret the new situations from various points of view.

2. They design an identity and corporate image to suit you

When creating a corporate identity, you have to take into account many factors that are often overlooked without giving them too much importance, such as the colors or the typography to be used.

As for a company and as a brand as such, everything communicates and everything transmits a message, from the tranquility of the blue tones to the elegance or sobriety of the Times New Roman font. If they are not considered properly, when it comes to showing ourselves to the target audience, we can generate confusion or worse, we can transmit a message that is not in line with our target audience.

This planning and advice must be taken in the initial phases of a brand’s Internet journey to avoid future costs, and make the most of all the actions carried out from the beginning.

3. They know how to design a web page that attracts and converts

Once you get a user to come to your website, you can’t allow them to leave because your website looks like it’s from the 1990s. Current websites are dynamic, with responsive design and visually attractive . If your website does not meet some of these three basic factors, you need the help of a digital marketing agency.

Starting from an initial briefing, the agency will be in charge of designing a website that adapts to the needs of your business and the objectives you have, whether they are sales, lead generation, creation of a community around the web, etc.

Beyond the design, the web has to be optimized in many aspects:

1. Images

They have to reflect the activity of your company or transmit its values, but without taking up much space.

2. Texts

Each phrase has to have a purpose, whether it is to get the customer to buy, navigate to another page or accept the cookie policy.

3. User experience

The user must be able to browse the web without any problem, preventing them from leaving the web a few seconds after entering.

4. Positioning

It is a mixture of many factors, but without a doubt, it is one of the most important if you want to attract visits from the main search engines such as Google.

4. And online stores from scratch

Do you have a physical business and want to set up an online store ?

Efficiently setting up and managing an online store is not an easy task, it requires a lot of planning and problem solving of the web environment and logistical factors such as transport costs or issuing invoices.

Thanks to the famous « WooCommerce » plugin , this process is easier, but it still requires knowledge about its operation and configuration. By having the help and advice of an agency, they will optimize your products, categories and tags for SEO, improving the positioning of both the website and the online store.

With this joint work, better conversion rates and higher income will be achieved with your online store, either from scratch or improving the existing one, because if you already have it and the problem is that it does not generate sales, we must move on to the next point.

5. They help you sell more in your online store

Do you have an online store and it does not generate enough profits ?

A digital marketing agency is responsible for creating, developing and optimizing your online store , helping you sell more and improve your CRO . It is not a quick process, but after several months the results begin to be seen, either due to positioning, communication on social networks or advertising campaigns.

If you have doubts about what the CRO is, we will explain it to you. It is the acronym for “Conversion Rate Optimization”, which translated into Spanish would be “ Optimization of the Conversion Ratio ”.

Still not clear? Quiet, it is a concept that is difficult to understand at first. It is the process of converting a visitor to your online store into a customer.

6. They get you to appear on the first page of Google

The famous SEO positioning . A digital marketing agency ensures that your website or online store appears on the first page of Google when users search for any of the products or services you offer on your site.

Whether for a large multinational, a neighborhood store or a newspaper, appearing on the first page of Google is one of the greatest competitive advantages that can be achieved today, since appearing there gives you trust, truthfulness and recognition. branded.

Web positioning factors (SEO)

But how does SEO positioning work? If we could give you the exact answer we would lie to you. No one knows the secrets of Google to appear 100% on the first page or in the first positions, but a series of well-proven factors that Google takes into account and that help achieve that positioning are known.

Some of them are:

– Website loading speed.
– Sitemaps.
– Page indexing.
– Relevant content for the user.
– Good use of keywords.
– Responsive design, that is, adaptable to any screen.
– And a long etcetera.

7. They advertise you on Google

Advertising on the major search engine is, without a doubt, the best billboard in the world . Defined as SEM (Search Engine Marketing), it is based on ad campaigns in Google Ads .

These types of ads allow you to filter and segment to advertise to your target audience , as well as configure ads for search networks, for display advertising or for YouTube, among other options.

CPC is key for your ads on Google

The key to CPC is in the optimization process of the campaign. That is the real work of the agency in this type of service. All the segmentation factors offered by Google must be taken into account , since otherwise, even if you have a high budget, it will be wasted on users who should not be reached by that ad.

8. They are responsible for the management of social networks

The management of social networks and the communities that are created in them can become a big problem for the brand if they are not managed and planned properly . The work of community manager requires a very deep knowledge of the public with which you are dealing, since you have to communicate in the tone and language they use, so that you communicate what you want and there are no misunderstandings or false promises.

It is very common for customers to use social networks to contact brands for a problem with their service. To give you an adequate response, it is necessary to have professionals who do it in the form and time , since that is one of the main characteristics of social networks, immediacy.

With this management by an agency you cover your back in the face of an online reputation crisis and, in addition, you will be able to take full advantage of social networks, either to increase traffic to the web or to interact with them and get their data. for social media campaigns.

9. They provide advertising service on Social Networks

Just as the digital marketing agency is responsible for managing social networks, they also carry out advertising campaigns on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or TikTok.

These types of advertising campaigns on social networks are usually based on the CPC (Cost Per Click) , that is, each time a user of the social network on which the ad is displayed clicks on it, it generates a cost of X€.

How is the CPC set?

It is set by an automatic bidding system , in which each advertiser selects the keywords for their ad, sets their maximum budget and, once it is mixed with what the competition has done for similar ads, the order of appearance is established.

How much is the CPC for a social media campaign?

It depends on the type of campaign, the social network, the competition and the budget available . For example, if it is advertising for a dental clinic, the CPC will be higher because there is a lot of competition, while for a neighborhood butcher shop it will be lower. We estimate that the minimum CPC budget to start getting results is around €150 per month per campaign.

10. They manage and monitor what they say about your company or brand

Once you have your community of users on social networks, it is very important to know what they say about your company or brand to detect threats and/or opportunities that are commenting on your products or services.

That is what online reputation management does . With this service, the digital marketing agency controls, manages and monitors what is said on the network about your company . Some of the factors to which most attention is paid are reviews (either on Google or Facebook), as well as comments on the website itself and on social networks.

What are the benefits of the online reputation service?

The main benefit it has is that it allows to tackle reputational crises or crises in social networks when it is starting or it is noticed that one may occur when several users are complaining about the treatment received by the staff or about a defective shipment.

11. They send advertising by email to specific customers

Do you associate the sending of advertising emails with SPAM? By working with an agency you are guaranteed to work with the famous Mailchimp service , the best email marketing provider in the world.

Like Google Ads campaigns, email marketing allows you to segment your customers within your database , so that you can send, for example, a welcome email to a customer who has just subscribed to your newsletter or send different newsletters based on the purchases made by each type of customer in your online store.

To carry out this type of advertising campaign, it is highly advisable to work with an agency, especially due to changes in privacy policies .

12. You will know how many visits your website has and much more

Measure and you will win. It is essential to know how many users arrive at your website, how they arrive or what they do when they enter. Web analytics takes care of this and is key to knowing if the website, and the online store, are working correctly or if it is necessary to apply changes to improve it.

Thanks to the use of tools such as Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager, the digital marketing agency is able to track all the actions carried out by the user to analyze them and detect possible improvements or locate parts of the web that are not obtaining the results. planned.

This work requires extensive knowledge of web analytics tools , both to configure them and to analyze and interpret the data they offer. Once the agency has collected and interpreted the data, they will give you a report with the results so that you can make decisions with the results obtained.

13. They maintain all your platforms and advise you on whatever you need

Usually, company profiles are created in all existing social networks to subsequently stop using them and make them obsolete. With the support of a digital marketing agency, you will not have this problem, since they will be the ones in charge of keeping all your platforms and networks up to date and running.

This support and advice service will help you focus solely on improving your business , leaving communication in the hands of professionals who will carry it out effectively and continuously, so that if they notice that a social network is not giving the expected performance and it is a effort and waste of unnecessary resources, they will recommend that you focus on those that are relevant to your business.

These are some of the services that a digital marketing agency offers . Yes, we say that they are “some” because this exciting world continues to change and evolve day by day, which is why we will continue to increase this list of services to help you take off and achieve your business goals.

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