What is web maintenance and why is it so important?

A web is not carved in stone. Unlike, for example, a physical catalog, a website is constantly updated . For this reason, it is essential to carry out certain web maintenance tasks on a regular basis to guarantee its proper functioning.

And not only that, in addition to ensuring that it works, web maintenance brings many more benefits .

Why is web maintenance so important?

To understand it more easily, we will use the example of a physical store . Imagine that you are walking down a commercial street, with many open stores, and you enter one of them: messy, where it is difficult to find the products; dirty, with dust and stains on the floor; poor lighting, with burned out and flickering lights.

All this will cause a feeling of mistrust that will make you lose the desire to buy in that establishment. If we also add that in your environment you can visit other stores that sell the same products, but take more care of their appearance, the order of the products or the cleanliness of their establishment, among other factors, you will probably end up buying in one of the latter before than in the first.

If we extrapolate this to the online world , it is vital, for example, that when entering a website that loads quickly, a careful brand and image is perceived, it is intuitive, easy to navigate and the products and categories are well organized, as well as a system security that protects the site from theft, cuts with the server or total blockage and the fall of the online store .

Therefore, the web maintenance service is essential for our online store to inspire confidence, capture the attention of users, facilitate the purchase process and remain active 24 hours a day.

What works are carried out in the maintenance of a web page?

La Luna uses WordPress as a content management system to design its clients’ websites. This platform offers the advantages of the versatility of its tools, the standardization of procedures and the existence of a large community of developers.

But it is a complex system that requires continuous review and updating of its components. La Luna provides web maintenance services, which include continuous remote monitoring and review of security systems, backups, performance, as well as updating plugins, templates and WordPress itself.

The work we do for web maintenance are:

1. Website security

Ensuring the security of the site is the main task of web maintenance. For this, numerous procedures are carried out by our specialists to protect the site, its users and its buyers from possible vulnerabilities and computer attacks.

2. Review of the functionalities of the website

The functionalities that are operational on the site are monitored, from contact forms to products for sale. In this way, the client is guaranteed that his visitors will be able to browse and buy without any impediment. And, in case of detecting a fault, it is corrected in a short time, thus limiting the losses that it could cause.

3. Making backup copies (Backups)

Backups are another of the pillars of the web maintenance service. They are designed to be able to replicate any facet, functionality or service of the web in the event of an attack on the web, an incident on the web server, or an error is made on the web, such as deleting One page.

4. Update plugins and web themes

Updates fix bugs found in system components and resolved by their developers. In addition, they add new features and adapt to changes in the subsystems with which they collaborate (such as WordPress itself or PHP, the framework in which these components are developed). Keeping the system up to date guarantees the stability of the website.

5. Website monitoring

In this way , its status is known, that is, knowing at all times if it is operational, receiving immediate alerts in the event of a service interruption in order to be able to attend to and solve any problem.

All these actions are essential for the proper performance of the site.

When some type of incident arises, having an agency that is capable of resolving it proactively is of vital importance for our business, since not solving the problem in time can have a negative impact on our image as a brand and on the trust of our customers. our clients.

What could happen if I don’t have a web maintenance service?

In addition to reducing conversions, that is, sales or contacts, not having this service can lead to the following problems :

– Loss of web positioning in Google .
– Loss of website loading speed .
– Mobile display and navigation issues. – Usability
problems . – Obsolete and unattractive image and web design– Increased vulnerability to computer attacks.

Advantages of having the La Luna web maintenance service

Hiring a web maintenance service, such as the one offered by La Luna, is a competitive advantage for your business , since you will have a committed and professional team that will be in charge of keeping your business operational.

Some of the main advantages of our web maintenance service are:

It saves a lot of time

The Moon is very familiar with this type of task, so in addition to carrying it out perfectly, it will be faster and more efficient than anyone else. The speed with which any incident on our website is resolved is vital for the company.

money is saved

A priori, we can come to think that investing every month in web maintenance will not mean savings. However, the moment an incident arises on your website and you need an urgent punctual web maintenance service, it will surely make you change your mind.

Professional service creates peace of mind

A web maintenance service offers you security that you would not otherwise obtain. When an online business depends on a web page, having a quality maintenance service that can solve any inconvenience that arises generates great peace of mind .


You already know what web maintenance is, how it works and how it works. All La Luna clients have this service , since they consider it vital for the normal operation of their businesses. Get in touch if you have any questions regarding web maintenance.

As the Spanish proverb says: Prevention is better than cure . Think twice before and take this service seriously.

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