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The World’s richest people and Billionaires is an annual ranking by documented net worth of the wealthiest billionaires in the world, compiled and published in March annually by the American business magazine Forbes. The list was first published in March 1987. The total net worth of each individual on the list is estimated and is cited in United States dollars, based on their documented assets and accounting for debt and other factors. Royalty and dictators whose wealth comes from their positions are excluded from these lists. This ranking is an index of the wealthiest documented individuals, excluding any ranking of those with wealth that is not able to be completely ascertained.

The list of the richest people in the world changes every year, despite the fact that some veterans like Bill Gates remain in the top positions. On this occasion, however, the first position is the one that has attracted the most attention. Among the sectors that star in the list are large companies related to technology, innovation and luxury items .

List of richest people

Here is the list of Top richest people and Billionaires in the world in year 2022.

1. Elon Musk. $273.5 billion

Elon Musk (1971, South Africa) is the richest person in the world today. Born on the African continent, but nationalized in the US and Canada, he is the founder of the Tesla company , manufacturer of electric vehicles. He is also from the SpaceX aerospace initiative. In addition to other entities such as Paypal, Hyperloop or the Neuralink neuroscience laboratory.

2. Jeff Bezos. $194.2 billion

Jeff Bezos (1964, USA) is the founder and owner of Amazon , the giant of electronic commerce and technological and innovation services related to cultural and entertainment consumption. Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music or Twitch are in his hands. He previously he was the richest person in the world.

3. Bernard Arnault. $177.1 billion

Bernard Arnault (1949, France) is the leader of the LVMH conglomerate of luxury companies : Louis Vuitton and Moët Hennessy, which concentrates major brands such as Loewe, Christian Dior, Fendi, Benefit Cosmetics, Bvlgari and Tiffany&Co. He is known for his actions in favor of art.

4.Bill Gates. $138.3 billion

Bill Gates (1955, USA) was the creator and founder of the Microsoft operating system for computers . Currently, he has a large technological conglomerate that also includes social networks (LinkedIn) or video games (Xbox). For years he has been a regular on the list of the world’s greatest fortunes.

5. Larry Page. $129.5 billion

Larry Page (1973, USA), the computer engineer who created Google together with Sergei Brin, is the president of Alphabet , the company that brings together other companies linked to Google, such as Fiber or Nest.

6.Mark Zuckerberg. $128.4 billion

ARIS, FRANCE – MAY 24: Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks to participants during the Viva Technologie show at Parc des Expositio

Mark Zuckerberg (1984, USA), founder of the social network Facebook , flagship of his Meta company, is much more than a programmer: He was the youngest person to sneak onto the list of the richest people.

7. Sergey Brin

Sergey Brin (1973, USA) is the Russian-born American computer scientist who founded the Google company together with Larry Page.

8. Steve Ballmer

Steve Ballmer (1956, USA), an entrepreneur and investor in Microsoft , was hired by Bill Gates in 1980 and remained with the company until 2014. He currently owns the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team.

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