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Top 5 Rigid Box Misconceptions That You Should Never Believe

Rigid Box Misconceptions That You Should Never Believe

Customers frequently inquire before making customized packaging purchases, and manufacturers try their best to respond. However, some beliefs continue to exist and cannot be completely debunked. Custom rigid boxes can help you stand out from the competition and boost sales. Occasionally, you might work with companies or customers who still think packing is worthless. As a result, several things could get improved about the packaging.

  • You have to spend a lot of money to save a lot of money.

How frequently do you visit a self-storage facility and see endless rows of rigid custom boxes for sale? They might even be hidden in the back, which is even worse. They probably have a year’s worth of plastic wrap and tape. The management must be happy with his cost-cutting initiatives. Retail sector experts are savvy enough to serve as their company’s warehouse. 

One great benefit that these suppliers provide is free shipping. Many also include additional inventory-control capabilities, such as tags for displays that indicate when to replenish items and buy histories that show how quickly items are moving off the shelf.

  • Every box has the same items.

Tenants occasionally pack their belongings in unusual ways, using liquor boxes, banana cartons, and other containers. That is entirely their decision. But it reflects poorly on your self-storage business if you sell customers’ shoddy packaging that is easily collapsed or broken. There will be sellers offering boxes at a reduced price. 

These products may occasionally be out-of-stock sizes or designs from the manufacturer. Although it doesn’t tell much, custom rigid boxes might be made primarily from recycled corrugated material. Recycling is a good idea for everyone. However, corrugated products manufactured from undergone recycled garbage are more than 20% brittle and can break easily.

  • Consumers Give Saving Money a Top Priority

Some industry veterans mistakenly believe they have to offer lower prices than big-box stores like Walmart. The truth is that the average consumer only knows the average cost of goods they frequently buy. As a result, supermarkets frequently operate with extremely low-profit margins. Even while big-box retailers may offer custom-printed rigid boxes wholesale at a lower price, you offer two things they need to include: convenience and packaging expertise. Tenants will spend less time shopping if they buy from you.

  • Labels are appropriate, but packaging with custom printing is optional.

The company logo on the box will allow you to use it as a component of your overall branding strategy. By performing this, you can ensure that everyone knows who you are and what the store is. If you buy in bulk, the price difference between things with labels and those in custom printed boxes might not be all that noticeable. However, how they influence the buyer’s mental process sets them apart. If your company uses bags or mailers with custom printing or screen printing, it will differentiate itself from the competition.

Although many customers think printing is unnecessary for this packaging, printing aids in fully realizing this design’s potential. In addition to helping the products look more appealing on the outside, printed bespoke boxes aid in the company’s market expansion and boost sales.

  • Anyone can work as a rigid box salesperson.

It’s untrue that anybody can sell customized rigid boxes using a cash register. Selling containers is a different matter. Selling requires interacting with clients and providing them with helpful guidance. Most people need to be aware of what they must pack. Staff employees with sufficient training will be able to offer advice on the best arrangement of box sizes, tapes, plastic wrap, and other packing materials. Ensure all team members access sales training resources to maximize their box office revenue.

Custom retail packing boxes provide protection, help make an impression, and help develop a unique business identity. Standard boxes are unable to achieve any of this. These containers have the potential to be quite profitable. You also save money with retail packaging on product returns and product damage during transit. Remember to underestimate the power of retail packaging.

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