Top 5 Qualities To Look For In The Best Head Shaver

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There was a time when long hair and a beard were the only style option for men. However, with the rise of many popular influencers who are setting the trend of being bald, shaving the complete head is on the rise. With this, the market has been experiencing a surge in the overall demand for men’s head shavers. Gone are the days when only thick hair dudes dominated the visual appeal.

Now the time is changing, and it is helping people like you and me who are looking for a new look or people who are just tired of hair fall problems. For all these men, the solution for all your problems is to buy shavers that are specifically designed for the curvature of the head. But since there is a lot of demand for these products, there are products that are not valuable for your hard-earned money. Hence, in this article, we will go through all the necessary details regarding which head shaver is the ideal one for you. So, without further due let us get started. 

Battery Capacity

Now I know that battery life is on your priority list. But, hear me out. Great battery life is for those who will work with the shaver all day, you guessed it right, barbers and hairstylists. In addition to this, people who like to travel to remote places need a good battery capacity in case they forget their charger or simply there is no power to charge it. 

In addition to this ensure that your head shaver has a USB c port so that you can charge your shaver using your phone chargers. Hence, efficiently saving your backpack space. You can travel light if the shaver you buy is compatible with a phone charger. 

Design and Shape

Now in the market, there are virtually hundreds of different varieties of shavers available. There is not the best design for a shaver. Shaver’s come in various shapes and sizes, since not every customer is the same. Hence, a perfect shape for a shaver would be that it perfectly fits in your palm.  

Some of the shavers have smaller handles while others have larger traditional handles, which you can use by placing all your fingers to secure a grip over the shaver. Another key aspect of the design is the curvature of the shaver’s blade. Some blades have a slightly concave shape that can fit over the shape of your skull, while the rest relies upon the suspension to glide smoothly.

Extra Accessories and Utilities

If you already use a shaver or a trimmer, then probably you are aware that having extra tool kits at your disposal is a great help to you. Having these spare tools ensures that your daily grooming will not come to a stop even if one of the parts malfunctions or needs to be repaired. There are a wide variety of clippers to choose from that can give you a different shaving experience. 

Some of the head shavers have something called a travel lock that protects the delicate components of the shavers. So if you are a frequent traveller, then make sure to check this feature off. Another unique attachment that comes with it is a skin massager to massage your skin after a shave. 

Wet and Dry Operation

Nowadays, modern shavers have the ability to work with both types of hair, wet and dry. If a shaver does not have such a feature, then that is a clear indication that it is not the latest shaver. The electric shavers do not give you shock even when using them while you are taking showers. This makes the shavers convenient and simple to use. 

Additionally, if someone has very sensitive and dry skin, then using a shaver directly on the dry skin can potentially damage your skin. Having this additional feature adds to the safety of your body.

Type of Use

Some of the modern shavers can also be used in other parts of the body where traditional flat shavers are difficult to use. For instance, your knees, armpits, and so on. Such areas of your body can be easily shaved using the multipurpose men’s head shaver. With its unique design and shock-absorbent features, the shaves can easily glide over the skin without damaging the skin.

These shavers are also super easy to clean. You need not tap on the blade of the shaver like a caveman to get rid of the hair. The hair does not usually stick to the razer due to its unique design. If the tiny hair does stick to the shaver, then, there are special liquids that clean them and make them look brand new. 

Key Takeaway Points.

These shavers are the new revolution in men’s grooming. And technology is improving so is the market. Soon these types of shavers will replace traditional shavers as they are obsolete and simply cannot compete with the features of such shavers. Hence, it will be a smart choice to invest in these shavers, given the many advantages it brings over the traditional shaver.

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