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Top 10 Reasons to Study MBBS in China

To ensure that international students receive a high-quality and standardized educational experience. In 2007, the Chinese Ministry of Education issued interim standards of quality control standards for undergraduate medical education in English for international students. Currently under review. A list of 49 medical colleges approved by the Chinese government to admit Study MBBS in China international students is published every year. Institutions not on the list are not allowed to enroll foreign students in clinical medicine degree programs. Bachelor’s Degree in English (See Best Chinese Medical Universities 2018)

Top 10 Reasons to Study MBBS in China

1. Comparable to western medical education:

Many medical universities in China are among the top 500 universities in the world. It is known to be at the forefront of modern medicine and its MBBS in China program has also been taught in English for many years. Many graduate students go on to Study MBBS in China or become doctors in their home countries. Each university develops its educational system and curriculum at the national level to meet the exact needs of students.

2. Ability to obtain a Healing Arts license:

These 49 recognized medical schools are state-owned universities controlled by the Chinese government. All are listed in the World Health Organization (WHO) Directory of World Medical Schools. This list means that graduates can appear for national medical exams like MCI, PMDC, USMLE, PLAB, HPCSA, and SCHS.

3. Completion of an internationally recognized medical degree:

International undergraduate medical students receive a university graduate certificate and medical degree after passing course requirements and placement exams. The text of the certificate in English reads MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) International students can bring their bachelor’s degree and related documents to your country’s embassy if required.

4. Admission to the best medical universities:

Compared to some universities or colleges in the United States. Britain, Europe, India, and even Pakistan. It is very easy to get into top universities in China to study MBBS and the entry requirements for MBBS in China are lower than in other countries. Eliminates intense competition or pressure from multiple programs.

5. Living and tuition fees in China are very low:

Studying for an MBBS in China is 70% cheaper than the same program in the US or UK. (MBBS equivalent) It costs about $160,000 to $200,000, excluding four years of pre-medical study. Students can take a 6-year MBBS program from any listed Chinese medical university for only $30,000 to $50,000. program fees to study MBBS in China are very reasonable. Tuition fees in Chinese universities are funded by the Ministry of Health of the Chinese government. In general, it is very economical for international students to study in China.

6. Invest in yourself:

As more foreign students come to China for higher education, Chinese universities are becoming more international. Studying in China allows you to meet students from all over the world. In addition to exploring Chinese traditions, you can witness different international cultures. The university has representatives from many countries and every student contributes to the life of the university.

7. There are many quality hospitals for training:

All Chinese universities that are allowed to admit international students for MBBS in English must meet the minimum requirements set by the Ministry of Education. The hospital involved in the training should be tertiary, A-level, with state-of-the-art medical equipment and patient beds above international standards. Everyone knows that China has the largest population in the world, therefore the Chinese medical market is developing rapidly and has become the largest medical market in the world.

8. College life is beautiful and full:

That’s why every season of every league has its charm. Students can enjoy campus life or visit the city during the holidays. while helping international students learn about the beautiful and interesting Chinese culture and customs. Therefore, many universities in China run all kinds of special programs. This will allow them to adjust to Chinese life. International students will only be able to experience Chinese cultural history. But feel the spirit of China’s youth.

9. Study in a community with excellent public safety:

China is a peaceful place of social harmony and public welfare. To ensure that people live in a comfortable and safe society. The Chinese government takes a tough stance on crime and law enforcement. Official statistics show that the number of violent crimes is decreasing every year. The government ensures that international students have a safe learning environment and university life.

10. Discover the rich history and deep culture:

Over the past 30 years, China has opened up to the outside world with remarkable achievements. More than 260,000 international students attend Chinese universities and colleges each year. This makes it one of the most popular places to study as an international student. China is seen as representative of a mysterious ancient culture and a new economy. China has something for everyone.

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