The viral photo of ‘Roundmeal’ macaroni and beef is completely fake

picture:: Twitter / Alan Wagner

Did you see the picture of the product “Roundmeal”, the “high-protein” product made of beef and macaroni? The image has been making news through Twitter and Reddit within the past 24 hours, with users expressing their displeasure and excitement at this bizarre food. However, you’ll be disappointed (or at peace) to know that this is a complete counterfeit.

The product, which is manufactured by a counterfeit firm called Henton’s, offers helpful directions for how to do it.As you can observe in the expertly edited image above. Step 1: Boil your bag. Step 2: remove and take a bite and. Roundmeal “serves three men” and If you study the bottom, you’ll notice Roundmeal contains just 140 calories. It’s basically a diet food.

There’s even a contest that claims that customers could win an appointment with Davis. Davis’s identity isn’t quite clear, but his balloon reads, “I’ll come to you.” What makes this strange food item exist? It’s not.

The image was created from Alan Wagner, a Los Angeles video artist who tweets under the username @truewagner. Wagner has previously created a number of fakes, such as “Child with a small telescope” and “Obama is back in a big way. 

Do you know what’s authentic? Watch this video of a woman performing things that look like Roundmeal. She begins with a scoop of cheese and macaroni. She then squeezes a large tube of raw beef onto the counter, then smashes the resulting pile of Velveeta cheese to look like Play-Doh and then creates an abominable and gross things ever recorded. Then she finishes the Franconian beef with pastry dough before throwing everything into the oven.

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We think it’s true. It is real in the sense it’s been around at least once around the globe regardless of whether the creators try to troll the public the world over, it’s real. That was probably too much, if we talk about we created it.

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