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The Value of Animated Videos for Your Online Business Promotion

With animated videos, businesses may expand their reach to previously untapped demographics. With video advertising, you may provide a narrative about your business, its products, or its patrons. Using video has become easier to communicate with your audience in a way that resonates with them and motivates them to take action. However, to get a successful outcome with video marketing, it’s a must to have a strategic plan.

If you need help bringing your marketing concept to life, go no further than Glowza Digital, an established video production business. When you choose this business, you can expect innovative animated videos to help you get your message over to potential customers. Notably, the videos will not break the bank and can be helpful for years to come to bring in new business.

Here are a few main benefits of using animated videos in your digital marketing strategy.

  • Increase Sales and Conversions

One of the best strategies to increase conversions and sales is with the help of animated videos. Invisia claims that a page’s conversion rate may rise by as much as 80 percent simply by including a video. Consumers like to be able to envision themselves utilizing a product before making a purchase. An animated explainer video aims to educate viewers about your product, service, or company.

  • Improve Brand Recognition

Using animation in web marketing may be more complex than it sounds. There are ideas to come up with, storyboards to get greenlit, and final cuts to be made in the videos. But the videos have a high return on investment and can raise awareness of your company. This is why it’s necessary to collaborate with a trusted animation agency. To name a few; Demo Duck, Yum Yum Videos, Glowza Digital, etc. Numerous low-cost video editing programs have pre-made animation effects that make it simple to create high-quality videos. To have a successful animated video, you must have relevant material for your target audience.

  • Create Belief in Your Brand

Consumers need to trust your company to buy from you. Establishing credibility for your company should be the overarching goal of your content marketing efforts. Giving potential customers material they can use and find fascinating is a great way to earn their confidence. Although trust is worth the effort, it is not instant. So, chill out. It would help if you weren’t trying to close a deal quickly. Build credibility by delivering valuable information and enjoyable animations in your videos. Viewers will be more receptive to your offerings after seeing the videos.

  • Make Online Leads

SEO may be aided by using explainer videos. Websites with multimedia elements like photos and videos rank higher in Google’s search results. Once adequately optimized with the proper tags, these multimedia materials will be crawled by search spiders and indexed. As a bonus, videos increase the time viewers spend on your site. To improve search engine results, having a reduced bounce rate is crucial. The videos can attract qualified viewers on Facebook and YouTube, who will then be funneled into your website’s sales pipeline.

  • Mobile Users Should Be Targeted To Maximize

Many individuals today access their favorite social networking sites from their mobile devices. The Facebook video platform has substantially improved, making adding and distributing video content simple. Prospects who can only access mobile devices can be reached through entertaining animated videos. 

  • Defend Your Deals

Is there something fresh you plan to introduce? Animated demonstrations of the product or service in action are an effective means of communication. Wyzowl data shows that 83% of firms using homepage explainer videos report an increase in closed deals. According to research, consumers are more likely to purchase after seeing a product in action.

  • Involve and Interact With Your Potential Customers

Videos are fantastic for teaching and absorbing information quickly and easily. There is constant competition among advertisers to catch the eye of today’s customers. Because of this, less-motivated customers will not delve into services or read detailed descriptions. Most buyers would like to witness it in action to understand how a product will address its needs. Animated videos are the only format capable of achieving this level of success. An animated video may interest even the most disinterested potential customers. You’ll have the edge over the competition and be able to generate twice as many leads as before.

  • Increase Your Influence in Social Circles

Social media giants Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all welcome video posts. Especially with the advent of Lifestage, Live Video, and 360 Video, Facebook has revolutionized the video experience. Instagram now supports 60-second videos and Stories. In comparison, YouTube is a whole different ballgame. In the form of potential clients, these video-sharing sites have millions. You may boost your social media presence and audience by sharing animated videos.


The use of video content is rapidly becoming a standard procedure for online advertising. The widespread availability of video and social media platforms amplifies the effectiveness of this strategy. Both imagination and familiarity with people’s psyches are necessary for making a great animated video. The ability to produce high-quality material while keeping costs down is a significant benefit.

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