Telegram groups about video games

It is clear that Telegram does not have the same number of users as WhatsApp, but it is one of the messaging applications that we like the most because it offers a particularity: it has groups with which we can talk with other users and be informed of the topics that we most like. interest us. If yours is video games , you just have to join one of the groups that abort that area.

Telegram groups are chat rooms made up of people with the same interests. They have their system of administrators and moderators, and their own rules. Unlike Telegram channels, in groups all members can interact.

Gaming groups on Telegram

Here are some of the best Telegram groups where video game news is shared:

  • [TEAM] FoRtNiTe Spain: with this group you can play as a team both for multiplatform and on the computer. You will also have access to the latest information on Fortnite leaks, events, etc.
  • Welcome to Roblox: if you want to get the most out of this platform, in this group you will find recommendations from other users and you will be able to play games with them.
  • Clash Mini – Spain: Telegram group about the supercell game. To meet people and join clans.
  • From Gamer To Gamer: group made by gamers and for gamers with a lot of recommendations on consoles and video games, information on your favorite titles, news about offers and, in short, everything about the video game sector.
  • FIFA 21 and chat: for FIFA fans who want to play and share their time with others with the same interests.
  • GTA Master: if you are one of those who spend hours and hours playing GTA, in this group you will find fans like you with whom you can share tricks and recommendations while you play.
  • Pokemon Arceus Legends / Trades – Find people to talk about all things related to this and all Pokemon games. A great community to chat and trade.
  • Nintendo switch family online: in this group you can find users with which to complete the Nintendo online family group, both from the basic pack and the expansion pack.
  • Gaming news: ideal to keep abreast of the latest news on consoles and video games in general.
  • Gran Turismo 7 drivers: If you are a fan of Gran Turismo 7, this Telegram group is what you need. Here you can chat with other players and race against them.
  • Minecraft Pixelmon server: this Telegram group is looking for people to make a Pixelmon server and play together.
  • Valorant Spain: in this group you will have access to a lot of information about Valorant Betas. Make friends, form squads and contact people who love this title.
  • Global Truth or Dare: If you are fascinated by RPGs, here you will find a very active community from all countries to share all kinds of experiences and content.
  • Video games made in ES: group to chat and be informed of the latest developments in Spain, promotions and more Made in Spain products .
  • Video games and Gamers: here you can interact with other video game lovers, talk about any topic related to this area, share ideas…
  • Gamers: Telegram group that users from all over the world can join to play their favorite titles together. You just have to enter, share the gametarg and that’s it.
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