Sports News Sites in Vietnam

Whenever you want to keep up with all the news cá độ bóng đá in sports, the best thing to do is to visit a sports news website. Fortunately, there are a lot of them out there. You can choose from sites like the Vietnamese sports news site, 8Xbet, and the Vietnamese sports news site, Xem the Thai 789. These sites provide information about sports such as soccer, baseball, hockey, basketball, and volleyball. You can also find information on teams, players, and schedules.

Xem the Thai 789

Xem the Thai 789 is one of the most popular sports news websites in Vietnam. It features comprehensive coverage of major sports events, live scores and videos. In addition, it also offers a forum for sports fans. Its website is available in Vietnamese and English. You can download its mobile app to stay up-to-date with the latest news.

Another popular sports news website in Vietnam is the Xem the Van Hoa Newspaper. It provides comprehensive coverage of all major sports events in Vietnam. It also has a video blog, a forum and betting games. It also has a calendar of upcoming events.


Whether you are a die-hard sports fan or just want to follow your favorite team’s progress, there are a number of sports news sites that will give you the information you need. These sites provide live scores, standings, and predictions for a number of sports. In addition, some sites also operate prediction games. These games allow fans to select the team they would like to watch in the upcoming match.

One of the most popular sports news sites in Vietnam is YouSport. It provides articles and live reports on a variety of sports, including football. It also features an active community of sports fans, allowing users to interact and discuss topics related to their favorite teams.


Xem the Thai 789 is Vietnam’s fastest growing sports website. It’s operated by a team of vetted professionals and is preparing for the upcoming Vietnam Asian Cup 2023. As you might imagine, it is a good place to get your football fix. The website is also a great place to catch up on the latest football news, transfers, and scores. You can also find out more about the country’s most popular football clubs, as well as other sports related activities such as golf, tennis, volleyball, and horse racing. The site also enables users to watch a football game live using their internet-connected mobile devices. The site has a reasonably user-friendly interface and aims to deliver a better viewing experience.


Among the many sites and apps that provide news and scores of football matches, one of the most popular is BongDa. This website is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and offers news, scores, point tables, videos and other data related to football. The site also supports integration of data from other apps.

BongDa also happens to be the most popular sports news site in Vietnam. The site boasts of providing the simplest interface to navigate and it also has a performance analytics app for running and cycling. The site also features a credit system to manage refunds.


Among the plethora of sports websites, 8Xbet is a standard in sports news. It offers the latest in sports news, stats and betting options. Its site is designed to target the Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese markets.

The site’s most impressive feature is its comprehensive fantasy sports capability. The site also has a social media section featuring popular Vietnamese football players.

The site is also known for its comprehensive list of odds, especially on football. There is also a handy search bar to help you find your team. The site also has a daily newsletter, which is the icing on the cake.

Thanh Nien

Among the many sports news sites cá độ bóng đá in Vietnam, one that stands out is Thanh Nien. This newspaper started publishing early twentieth century and has since become one of the most popular and influential newspapers in Vietnam. It is known for its coverage of many sports, entertainment, politics, business, and society.

Another popular sports news site in Vietnam is EightX. It offers extensive coverage of all major sports in Vietnam. You can check out news, videos, and discussion forums on the site. It is also available on mobile devices, and is a great place to gather information about Vietnamese sports teams.

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