Safe Home in Dar Ul Aman Lahore For Old Women

Safe Home in Dar Ul Aman Lahore:

If you need a safe home in dar ul aman Lahore through lawyer in Lahore, you may contact Nazia Law Associates. The Dar-ul Aman Incharge will protect the privacy of residents, and the Police Constable will not be allowed entry into the residential area, except in an emergency. Except for an officer of female gender and a male staff member shall be permitted to enter the zones of dar ul aman Lahore through lawyer in Lahore, which are reserved for residents.

Police Station:

The Dar-ul-Aman In charge is also required to make adequate security arrangements, in coordination with the SHO at the closest Police Station, for patrolling all around the Dar-ul-Aman and for residents who go to court, particularly in situations where the danger of harm is identified. Vocational training Dar-ul-Aman In charge will arrange for vocational training sessions to be held in the premises of the Dar-ul-Aman to assist in the process of rehabilitation for the residents.

Vocational Schools:

The dar ul aman Lahore through lawyer in Lahore Incharge must also be in contact in conjunction with Sanatzar along with other vocational schools. Other facilities or services All communal areas in the Dar-ul-Aman will be accessible to the residents at all times, without restrictions, except when required for repairs or maintenance works.  The person in charge is responsible for ensuring that a strict routine of hygiene is adhered to by all residents living in all communal areas. To ensure compliance with this rule, clearly marked trash disposal containers must be cleaned and cleared daily at a minimum.

Lawyer in Lahore:

The dar ul aman Lahore through lawyer in Lahore, Incharge will ensure that the areas for leisure are furnished with at least one T.V. in good condition, along with newspapers, books, or card games, and are available for free usage by residents. All rooms must have clean conditions. They must be adequately ventilated and regularly maintained. The residents are given meals at least three times daily, in accordance with predefined timetables. The meals must contain two 250 per person.


This must be obtained through an appropriate diet consisting of vegetables, meat, or lentils, as well as fruits. Drinking water that is at a suitable temperature should be provided during all mealtimes in dar ul aman Lahore through lawyer in Lahore. A resident or child of a resident must be provided with clothes in the event that the resident or child of the resident is not wearing suitable clothing. For the purpose of this rule means salwar kameez or shoe, dupatta or socks, undergarments, slippers, and other items ideal for winter, i.e., shawl, sweater, etc. The in charge must be able to provide secure storage space for jewelry or cash belonging to residents. The items are stored with a receipt for money or other items.

The personal belongings that are kept inside the dar ul aman Lahore through lawyer in Lahore safe should return to the owner after departure from the Dar-ul-Aman following the signature of the receipt. 7.6.8 7.6.8. Incharge will ensure that appropriate transportation is maintained, which will be restored for the use of residents and employees in Dar-ul-Aman exclusively for authorized use.

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