Reasons for urgent consultation for your babies

Reasons for urgent consultation for your babies

 The healthy newborn eats well and suckles well. He also has adequate muscle tone and cries loudly; he is alert, he pays attention (when he is awake) to the attention that is offered to him. Any loss of this characteristic vitality of the newborn is a justified reason to take him to an emergency room.

The reasons for urgent consultation in the newborn are listed below:

  • Fever: all newborns should go immediately to the emergency room if they have a body temperature greater than or equal to 38ºC. Keep in mind that fever in children under three months is an alarm sign and should always be evaluated by a Pediatrician because infections progress at these ages and can easily become complicated.
  • Vomiting: if the newborn vomits everything he eats (we are not referring to the small occasional regurgitations of little volume of sour milk that hardly wets his face) he should be assessed to study the reason for the vomiting and prevent the child from becoming dehydrated.
  • Jaundice: if the child has a yellowish color from the head to the ankles or soles of the feet (this can be seen if the skin turns yellowish when squeezing and releasing it), it should be assessed by a doctor.
  • If the skin or mucous membranes turn blue (cyanosis) or are very pale.
  • Refusal of feeding: it is one of the most frequent signs that shows that the newborn is not feeling well and, therefore, that it should be assessed by a Pediatrician.
  • If the newborn does not wake up easily and appears to be sleepy all day and obtunded.
  • Hypothermia: if the baby is very cold it can be a sign of seriousness in some infectious processes (rectal temperature less than 35ºC).
  • Tachypnea: if it is observed that the newborn is breathing very quickly.
  • If the stools have mucus or blood.
  • If the umbilical cord smells bad or comes out liquid or blood.
  • If there is any symptom of loss of vitality: weak crying, obtundation, no interaction with parents or weak suction, it should be evaluated by a Pediatrician.
Of interest

There is no doubt that in the case of the newborn and, in children in general, it is worth an extra visit to the Pediatrician to regret having been too cautious.

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