Perks of Plant Delivery vs. Other Methods | Contrasting Qualities

There are 3 main methods of buying plants from somewhere. First, you can go to an online merchant with plant delivery to your home. Next, you can go shopping on the streets and probably end up with a brick-and-mortar store that will give you the plant packaged or provide seeds. Finally, there is a plant nursery where you can exchange and get plants from a bulk carer of the plant. It is obvious that all 3 have their merits and are staples in the shopping world. However, we must distinguish them to get a clearer understanding of where you will end up buying from and why. This blog will guide you in doing exactly that.

Online Delivery vs. Brick-and-mortar vs. Nursery

Online Delivery vs. Brick-and-mortar


Many people prefer to shop online since they don’t like crowds, cashier lines, etc. It is much simpler to source difficult-to-find things online. Being able to shop 24/7 and not having to use a personal vehicle, deal with parking concerns, or use public transportation to make in-store purchases is definitely a pro. 

Saving Money

Spending less because online buying enables consumers to compare prices and locate the best offers; they are more likely to make the right choice. Online retailers sometimes offer free shipping. For instance, Amazon Prime membership, which costs a nominal annual fee, offers free shipping on most things purchased through Amazon.

No Obligation

Shopkeepers occasionally pressure or use their persuasive abilities to get us to buy items we don’t need. But while shopping online, there is no compulsion to buy goods we don’t need. Giving you an experience without the noise of brick and mortar. 


Most buyers read product reviews online to gather valuable information from those who have already used the product. Online reviews enable us to learn more about a product’s features and benefits. For instance, if we plan to buy clothing, we can read the reviews of that item and discover that some consumers have also uploaded images of themselves wearing the item. As a result, we can shop wisely. Future buyers are emboldened by reviews and can make wise purchases.

Online Delivery vs Nursery 

Better Quality

There are thousands of plants a nursery has to care for, and they have errors in the machinery they use, which can cause some plants not to receive the same care as others. After all, there isn’t a human around to handle these problems all the time. This makes the more focused approach of online delivery shops a dual-bladed sword that can deliver the products with proper planning and not over-stretch their supply because they know the demand. Online businesses thrive on photographs, so they must produce good-quality plants to get the best website snaps. 

Review based system

The bread and butter of an online store are its reviews and how much people engage and talk to them. They are responsible for delivering a certain standard compared to nurseries that deal in bulk. This means you will get a better product and service that is better looked after and made up. You may have to pay more, but then you risk not knowing when the nursery plant will give up and stop delivering quality, whilst an online provider will champion this cause.  

Backward integration 

Online stores have more capital and budgets than nurseries. A plant nursery will simply buy the cheaper quality products in the market to maintain their thin budgets for the long term. They may invest in less scientifically developed soil, equipment and fertilisers because they don’t have the time or resources to deal with information. Contrarily, online delivery ensures that their products are well-kept and have unique values that other online providers can’t provide. 

If you are in the market for a home plant like a Belongia, an elephant ear plant or a native plant that will stretch out your design capabilities like a Lilly Pilly. Before deciding, know your possibilities.  

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