breast feeding pillow

Nursing pillow and other elements that can facilitate breastfeeding

Although breastfeeding only requires a mother and a baby, there are objects that can facilitate the process. We will review the fundamentals, especially the nursing pillow

nursing pillow

It is an elongated L-shaped cushion that facilitates the baby’s position, avoids bad maternal postures that can end in lower back pain and makes it easier to be in a comfortable position for baby and mother throughout the duration of the feeding. The mother can maintain a correct posture without tension in the neck, arms or shoulders while she breastfeeds her baby. Another advantage is that it allows mothers to have their hands free and be more comfortable while breastfeeding.
To use it correctly, it is important that the baby is close to the mother’s body and when a good attachment to the breast is achieved, we can support the arm on the cushion.
the only drawback One of these cushions is that, being bulky, they are not comfortable to take with us when we go out with our baby and are only useful for a short period. However, you can extend the use of the nursing pillow by using it since pregnancy to be more comfortable when sleeping and it can also be useful to place close to the baby for support when he begins to sit up.

nursing clothes

To comfortably breastfeed anywhere, clothing designers have gone to work. More and more brands sell specific clothes for breastfeeding and at affordable prices. The must-have items are nursing bras and t-shirts . Both pieces have front openings that allow you to breastfeed comfortably. Nursing bras are better if they are non-wired, well elastic and comfortable when the milk rises and the breasts swell. The ideal is to buy a couple of models, use them and decide which of the two is more comfortable.

absorbent pads

The discs save from uncomfortable situations and from wetting the clothes when the milk comes out spontaneously . At the beginning of lactation, after the milk rise, it may be necessary to change them several times a day.

Foulards or cloths to breastfeed

Although it is not essential, if it is very uncomfortable for you to breastfeed away from home and you want a little privacy, wraps are ideal. There are many models and colors, and they can be a great solution to go out with your baby feeling comfortable.



It is not essential if you are going to be with your baby for many months without having to go to work outside for many hours. The breast pump is recommended for mothers who want to continue breastfeeding and must return to work quickly. There are compact and electric breast pumps on the market (the best option) that can be carried in a small bag. There are also those with double outlet , which minimizes the extraction time. Manual breast pumps are not recommended. It is worth investing in a breast pump with a good quality and effective pump.

Carrying backpack

During lactation, contact with the baby is essential for increased milk production and for the well-being of the child. Carrying your baby is very rewarding, it can help you to be calmer, it allows you to go with your hands free and it can also serve to breastfeed comfortably when you are away from home.

  • There are materials and clothing that can facilitate breastfeeding and prevent incorrect postures from being adopted and not being performed correctly.
  • One is the nursing cushion, which facilitates the position of the baby, and avoids bad maternal postures that can end in lower back pain.
  • Bras, t-shirts, scarves… have also been adapted for women at this stage.
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