New Born Baby Civil registration Certificate

New Born Baby Civil registration Certificate

The birth certificate is a document issued by the corresponding Civil or Consular Registry, which attests to the fact of birth, as well as the circumstances surrounding it, that is, the date and time it took place, the sex of the newborn, and the affiliation of the registered.

“Positive” and “negative” birth certificates can be requested. “Positive” certificates can be of the “excerpt” type (summary of the information related to the fact of birth that appears in the Civil Registry), “literal” type (literal copy of the birth registration, containing all the data related to it) , or “for DNI” (management of the applicant’s DNI for the certificate).

“Negative” certificates are those that guarantee that a person is not registered in that Civil Registry.

The certifications must include:

  • The Registry, indicating the corresponding population, province and state.
  • The identity of the registrant.
  • The page and volume of the seat, or the corresponding folio and file.
  • The date, name and signature of the person responsible for the certification, as well as the stamp of the office.

General access to the information collected in the civil registries is not allowed, except with prior judicial authorization, in cases of adoptive, non-marital or unknown affiliation, as well as in cases of sex change.

The birth certificate can be requested via the Internet or by physical presence by going to the Civil Registry where the birth is registered with the corresponding form duly completed. It must be accompanied by the applicant’s DNI, and indicate affiliation, date and place of birth of the person for whom the certificate is requested.

The term for issuing the certifications ranges between 24 hours and 3 days, depending on whether the request is made on an urgent or non-urgent basis, respectively. Being able to pick it up at the corresponding Civil Registry window, or receive it by mail, if you have previously been warned of such interest.

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