Need Lowboy Transport Services For Heavy Equipment & Machinery

Side view of a parked semi truck equipped with a drop bed trailer ready to transport a pay loader.

Looking for lowboy transport services for your heavy equipment and machinery? You’ve come to the right place! At Rapid Auto Shipping, we specialize in lowboy transport services for all types of heavy equipment and machinery. Whether you need to transport a bulldozer, excavator, or any other type of heavy equipment, we can help. We have a wide variety of lowboy trailers to choose from, so you can rest assured that we will have the right trailer for your needs. We also have a team of experienced drivers who are experts in transporting heavy equipment and machinery. So if you’re in need of lowboy transport services, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We would be happy to provide you with a free quote.

Why are lowboy trailers used?

Lowboy trailers are commonly used to transport heavy equipment and machinery because they provide a low loading height and a high carrying capacity. Lowboy trailers can be either semi-trailers or full trailers, and they are typically equipped with hydraulically operated ramps for loading and unloading.

The main advantages of using lowboy trailers are their ability to transport very heavy loads, as well as their versatility in terms of being able to access difficult or remote areas. Lowboy trailers can negotiate rough terrain and narrow roads that would be inaccessible to other types of trailers.

Another key advantage of lowboy trailers is that they offer a much smoother ride than other types of trailers.

There are many reasons why lowboy trailers are used to transport heavy equipment and machinery. One reason is that lowboy trailers have a lower center of gravity than other types of trailers, which makes them more stable and less likely to tip over. Lowboy trailers also have a higher load capacity than other types of trailers, so they can accommodate heavier loads. In addition, lowboy trailers can be equipped with hydraulic ramps or winches that make it easier to load and unload heavy equipment.

How to find the best lowboy transport services

If you’re in need of lowboy transport services for heavy equipment or machinery, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind to ensure you find the best possible service. First, be sure to ask around and get recommendations from trusted sources. Once you have a few providers in mind, be sure to compare rates and services to find the best fit for your needs. Also, be sure to read online reviews before making your final decision. By following these simple tips, you can be confident you’re choosing the best lowboy transport services for your needs.

What to consider when choosing a lowboy transport service

When choosing a lowboy transport service, there are a few things you’ll want to take into consideration. First, you’ll need to decide what type of equipment you need to transport. Lowboy trailers come in a variety of sizes and load capacities, so it’s important to choose one that’s well-suited for your needs.

Next, you’ll want to consider the distance you need to transport your equipment. Some lowboy transport services only operate locally, while others offer long-distance options. Make sure to inquire about the company’s capabilities before making your decision.

Finally, you’ll want to get quotes from several different companies before selecting one for your needs. Be sure to compare rates and services offered before making your final choice. With a little research, you can find the perfect lowboy transport service for your heavy equipment transportation needs.

How to get the most out of your lowboy transport service

There are a few things you can do to get the most out of your lowboy transport service. First, make sure you have all the necessary information and documents ready when you contact the company. This includes the make and model of your equipment, as well as its dimensions and weight.

Second, be prepared to pay a little extra for rush services or delivery during peak times. Lowboy transport companies are usually booked solid during these periods, so they may charge a premium to accommodate your request.

Third, be flexible with your delivery date and time. While you may have an ideal timeline in mind, it’s important to be realistic about the company’s schedule. If you’re flexible, they may be able to work you in sooner than expected.

Finally, don’t hesitate to ask questions or express any concerns you have about the process. The company’s representatives should be more than happy to address any of your concerns and help put your mind at ease.


If you need lowboy transport services for heavy equipment or machinery, you can count on the experts at Rapid Auto Shipping. We have years of experience safely transporting all types of equipment, and our team is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service. Contact us today for a free quote, and let us help you get your equipment where it needs to go.


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