When the time arrives to replace the worn OEM tyre on the motorcycle, we often struggle with deciding what to choose. The hold under wet conditions is often only about a third as strong as the dry hold on the landing area

When you Buy Tyres Birmingham for your bike, the following considerations must get considered.

  • The kind of grip you desire: Pavement that is dry or wet, snow, pebbles, and loose dirt

You require tyres with the highest amount of contact area with the road—that is, tyres with no tread grooves in any way you desire to dry traction on pavement. often referred to as Slick tyres when utilized in racing. Slick tyres are nearly banned for use off-road since they practically never grip immediately after getting warmed up. These tyres will also perform very poorly in wet on-street circumstances since they lack grooves that would drain water during wet activity. Slush, rock, and loose dirt will need a higher-depth tread design And Like A Button. The gap between two studs or buttons increases as the dirt becomes looser. A Dual Reason tyre will have firmly stuffed buttons since it needs to operate well on tar roads and with little off-roading; therefore, the contact patch needs to be excellent for better grip. A motocross tyre will perform poorly on surfaces due to its incredibly low contact patch, whereas studs will better hold loose dirt (almost like a positive impact), giving them tremendous traction on difficult terrain.

  • Tube Type (TT) or tubeless (TL):

In the off event that the bicycle contains Avon tyres Birmingham, tubeless tyres should get chosen. One advantage of tubeless tyres is that they won’t leak air suddenly and will gradually deflate if punctured. To fix a tubeless tire, there is no need to remove the bike’s wheel. The actual bicycle itself can get fixed. It seems only appropriate to install a significant aid for long-distance tourists. Significant: Avoid installing tubeless tyres on wheel edges. IT MAY LEAD TO AN ACCIDENT.

  • Load Rating:

It addresses the tyre’s capacity to support the weight of the bicycle and gets referred to on the sidewall of the tyre. Avoid choosing a Load rating lower than the one listed on the OEM tyre.

  • Tyre thickness and edge size:

An edge size-specific tyre gets created. It’s dangerous to put any tyre on any rim randomly. For example, A tyre’s specific dimensions are 120/80×17, which equals a tyre’s width of 120 mm, its height (the radial distance from the edge to the tyre’s outer surface), and its edge measurement in inches, which is 17. Rim width is not mentioned in a tyre specific. Example: The rim width of 2.15j is 2.15 inches. For instance, a 2.15j edge may support a maximum tyre width of 120 mm. The largest tyre that the existing rim can handle gets suggested by a variety of available blueprints. Puzzling! The general guideline is to use a tyre that is the next width wider on the bike than the OEM recommends. The most You could go is 120 mm if the bike came with a 110 mm wide tyre mounted on 2.15j edges.

  • Space exists between the tyre and the swing arm. The expected degree of adjustments to fit in the top-tier fatter tyre

This freedom is essential since the tyre may rub the swing arm or other parts of the bicycle, particularly when riding through a pothole. Also, consider the risk that the tyre may pierce the surface, leaving no room for the leveling tyre. Professionals are currently trying to determine the proper distance between the swing arm and the tyre, but they think it should be at least 7-8 mm for all the situations the tyre may encounter. When traveling past a pothole, the tyre widens. By moving the back tyre further rearward and modifying the chain, you can replace the tyre on the existing bicycle with a thicker one. 

  • The type of tyre compound that got used to assemble the tyre.

A primary factor that is substantially more important than contact patch is the tyre’s composition. Over comparable hard composition tyres, a softer tyre composition has more grip. A softer composition tyre, however, will wear out more quickly and have a shorter lifespan. While having less on-road traction, a harder composition tyre would last more.


These are the recommendations that everyone should be aware of when selecting their bike Avon tyres Birmingham. Get the most out of your bike by going through it.

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