Microcement Floor London

What is Microcement Floor London?

Micro cement, also known as micro-concrete, micro-screed, or polished cement, is a polymer-rich cement-based coating applied using a trowel.  Microcement Floor London is widely used for things like walls, staircases, floors, worktops, and even swimming pools due to its many applications and adaptability. With the right preparation, microcement can be applied to almost any surface, including tiles, wood, and already-existing concrete screeds.

Particularly among interior designers and architects who wish to construct an industrial concrete interior when it would normally be impractical to do so using conventional building methods. So, interest in micro cement has significantly increased. Because of its free-flowing, seamless nature, micro cement has the major benefit of not having grout lines or silicone connections that deteriorate and look unsightly over time.

Microcement is a great solution for Microcement flooring kitchen, baths, wet rooms, living spaces, and workplaces because of the quality that can be achieved. Since the client can choose the color, tone, and design of the Microcement, every floor is distinct.

Varieties Of Microcement Floor London

Given that there are numerous variations depending on the desired texture and finish, adaptability would be the quality that best describes micro cement for flooring. The greatest stores have a variety of alternative methods, each perfect for particular demands and finishes.

The Micro Deck Is The Most Widely Used Variety Of Micro Cement For Flooring.

The micro deck is the industry benchmark for flooring made of micro cement. Due to its versatility and resistance to wear from impact, abrasion, and traffic, it is the most often used material. It is the appropriate continuous coating for non-slip flooring and may also be applied fresco-on-fresco.

Customers have three choices within Micro deck: Standard Micro deck, one of the most well-known and traditional two-component micro cement; Unlimited Micro deck, a two-component micro cement that provides smoother finishes and greater mechanical resistance; and Evolution Micro deck, a one-component micro cement.

Efecto Quartz, A Ready-to-use Flooring Micro Cement

Efecto Quartz is the name of our ready-to-use micro cement for flooring. With its many color possibilities and four granulometry, you can create any form of flooring you can imagine. both in sheltered and unprotected spaces.

Its main advantage is that it speeds up the application of micro cement flooring. a thin, highly realistic-looking coating that comes in 16 different colors.

The Pool’s Floor Was Made Of Atlantean Micro Cement.

Atlantic is one of our most opulent decoration alternatives. Micro cement was produced for the pool’s floor thanks to its innovative composition. The microcement flooring becomes slip-resistant and waterproof right away. It can be used in the pool basin because of its unmatched resistance to immersion.

Use Both Micro Cement And Micro Stone For Exterior Flooring.

A two-component micro cement with outstanding mechanical and abrasion resistance, an anti-slip finish, and no need for any form of treatment. It can also be applied in conjunction with Microdeck’s fresco-and-fresco technique. However, the Micro stone aggregates have a greater thickness.

Microcement Flooring For Industrial Use

The last but not least category is industrial. a type of industrial flooring cement that is suggested for use in facilities like offices, large warehouses, workshops, etc. Certain regions need to be more robust and traffic-resistant due to the machinery and weight exerted on the surface.

Epoxy resin, which is a component of it, satisfies industrial purposes. a sort of classic microcement for industrial floors that is much more waterproof than other kinds.

When Employing Micro Cement, There Is No Building Or Garbage

One of the Microcement installers near me has the most significant benefits. Since the coating is continuous and does not have expansion joints, equipment is not needed. the material that needs to be renovated on the surface. Therefore, micro cement is used to cover everything, including floors, walls, ceilings, swimming pools, and furniture. Since there is no need for construction, no debris is created. Not to mention how it creates a sense of space in each room.

Microcement Is Very Durable And Resilient.

Because it is a particularly durable material that does not shatter, micro cement sets itself apart from other coatings. It retains its qualities throughout time and is still a coating that is very resistant to things like traffic, bumps, scratches, and sunshine, among other things.

Various Colors And Textures With Micro Cement

Differentiated textures can be made by using micro cement. Depending on the application, the chosen color, and—most crucially—the sealer, many finishes are achievable.

Professional offers a wide variety of varnishes, including gloss finish, matte, ultra matte, satin, and even non-slip and waterproof varnishes, depending on the finish you want to give the surface covered with smoothed Microcement flooring near me.

This coating can be nearly infinitely customized because of the diversity of colors offered by micro cement shops. surfaces using paints to express their unique identity. floors made of micro cement and heated underfoot

Last But Not Least

The high heat conductivity of micro cement has advantages. The advantage of smoothed  Microcement Floor London is that they are totally compatible with underfloor heating. In fact, it ranks well among the best building materials for underfloor heating.

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