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As far as it is known as it’s known, this CompTIA Network+ certification helps people get into the field of networking, which continues to evolve and grow. The demand for knowledgeable networking specialists has increased significantly in the recent years. This is why it is important to know that the Computing Technology Industry Association, or simply CompTIA Certification, is a well-known Network+ designation for candidates with no networking experience. Additionally, this certification track opens the doorway to advanced networking credentials and possibilities in the IT sector.

Do you want to understand what you can get the CompTIA Network+ certificate can aid you in your pursuit of a career in the field of networking? This article will provide the most current details on how to start your professional career and achieve greater heights.

What is the CompTIA Network and Certification?

In essence, the 220-1001 certification is an entry-level certification that validates an individual’s capability of managing networks and helping them troubleshoot issues. It is also a certification that certifies it’s a job-related certification that allows individuals to be network experts and confirms their proficiency in various networks, including security, troubleshooting and infrastructure. The main difference is that Network+ is the only certification covering wired and wireless technology.

Additionally, as it is a vendor-neutral certification, this certification gives users the advantage of working with any solution or network supplier. This is just one of the numerous reasons that make this certification track popular with IT users.

How do I become Certified?

The official site states that the 220-1002 certification is give to applicants upon passing the N10-007 test. It’s not an easy assessment to pass. Therefore, CompTIA suggests that applicants have at least one year of networking experience and the CompTIA A+ certificate before receiving a passing grade. An easy setup.

How Can the CompTIA Network+ Certificate Help My Career?

This CompTIA Network+ certification is well-known within the IT sector. CompTIA produces workers who are ready for work and can work with minimal supervision. Because of this, CompTIA’s qualification makes the resume appear appealing and will help applicants gain entry into the doors.

FC0-U51 certified experts are also employed by some of the most well-know firms like Apple, Intel, Verizon, Canon, HP, and Dell. Whatever you choose, you’ll be able to gain the opportunity to work in positions like the junior administrator of networks and system engineer, consultant network field engineer, network support specialist, Network analyst, and much more.

Furthermore, applicants with a Network+ accreditation are generally provided with better pay packages and other benefits. According to, it is estimate that Network+ certificate holders earn a salary of Network+ certificate’s holder earns around 68,000 USD per year, which is an excellent beginning salary for those who are new in the IT sector. But, the salary can vary according to the job title held by the person who works for the company.


As you’ve already guessed, the SY0-601 certificate is an essential step to an exciting career in the field of networking. Many opportunities will be available to you financially as well as professionally. So, what are you sitting on? Take your CompTIA  certificate and boost your career as an expert in networking.

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