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The only location in Maharashtra that provides year-round White River Rafting is Kolad. The ideal location in Maharashtra for a weekend break is Kolad. It provides countless opportunities for adventurous sports and is situated on the banks of the Kundalika River. Kolad Camping offers relief to environment lovers and is around 130 kilometers from Mumbai and 120 km from Pune. It just takes 2.5 to 3 hours by car to get away from the craziness of these cities. Also you can save money for your trip with Camping World $25 Coupon on

Why you Must Go to Kolad Camping:


River rafting is quite popular in Kolad, and the fast-moving Kundalika river is the ideal location for this sport. For an exciting experience, its Grade 2 and Grade 3 rapids are ideal for both novice and experienced rafters. Because it constantly attracts many explorers, remember to make your reservations in advance.


Adventure seekers who love zip-lining will love the Kundalika River. One of the most acceptable methods to achieve that desired adrenaline rush is participating in the activity while being tethered to a safety rope and crossing the bubbling river. Only after completing a quick safety lesson with the teachers and safety experts are you allowed to participate.

Hiking and Trekking:

The 26 caverns in Kolad and the two forts (Talgad and Ghosalgad) provide excellent trekking trails for tourists. On your hiking route, you can discover sculptures, natural ponds, and abandoned temples, providing a good mix of culture and adventure.

Riverside Camping:

Stay the night at Kolad if you want to camp amidst untamed, breathtaking nature. They provide tenting options, which you may hire according to your needs. You may participate in sports activities like kayaking and river crossing in addition to learning how to set up a tent.

Options for camping and lodging in Kolad:

Travelers almost always have no trouble obtaining lodging throughout the year. Still, issues are more likely to arise during weekends, holidays, or vacations if you don’t reserve your lodging well in advance. Essay on National Pollution Control Day in English

The following categories apply to different forms of lodging in Kolad:

Tenting when camping:

Camping in tents may be the best way to experience nature’s peace with your friends and family if you’re trying to have an exciting holiday. It is the most acceptable way to unwind in the great outdoors and forget about the everyday concerns of a busy life.

Additionally, tent camping is a leisure activity open to people of any age. Therefore, everybody who enjoys discovering nature may participate in this camping activity.

Normal Tents:

To ensure visitor safety, campsites offer clean, comfortable, standard waterproof tents that can fit at least four adults. They also offer tents that are snake- and insect-proof. Similar to this, various tents are available in various sizes and styles. Rafting on the pure Kundalika River is an exhilarating adventure, and you may take in its scenery from the campgrounds.

Luxury Tents:

Luxury tents and open spaces for outdoor activities are also provided at campsites. tents that fit at least four persons are connected to restrooms and showers.

Lights, fans, laptops, mobile device charging, and power supply are all accessible.But these camps don’t have TVs or WiFi.

There is no shortage of tourist activities at these campsites as they have equipment for all adventure activities such as rafting, air gun shooting, Burma Bridge, indoor and outdoor games, etc. Travelers can see many migratory birds at these campsites during the monsoon and winter seasons.

Visitors may sing and dance to the newest Bollywood music while enjoying an evening campfire.

Farm Houses:

The main reason staying in a farmhouse in Kolad is different from staying in a typical hotel or resort is that you get to enjoy the comforts of a homey setting along with the nearby farms and forest, which make your stay peaceful and relaxing amidst the natural village atmosphere, providing a relaxing getaway from the stress of daily life for you and your family.


In Kolad, several kinds of bungalow lodging available can be reserved based on your budget and meet your demands.

Private bungalows are great for prominent extended families since they are roomy and spotless, contain all the amenities needed for visiting tourists, and can seat roughly 15 individuals.

Visitors may spend a relaxing stay at these bungalows, which are surrounded by a lot of flora and have stunning views of the Kundalika River.


In Kolad, the dormitories are vast and roomy, each able to house at least 25 adults and have bathrooms and toilets nearby.

Large groups like workplace groups and budget tourists might consider staying in dorms.

Bamboo or Safari Cottages:

When visiting Kolad, staying in one of the eco-friendly bamboo cottages is the perfect way to experience a unique vacation. These cottages are cozy and come with all the necessities.

Typical amenities and services offered by most lodgings include the following:

Most lodgings offer food and lodging for drivers and domestic helpers traveling with clients. They provide a per-person package that includes many adventurous activities and all meals. Most of Kolad’s properties are ideal locations for family trips, corporate training and seminars, relaxation and recovery, and, most importantly, serenity and isolation.

Activities at Kolad:

Rafting, Kayaking, River Crossing, Flying Fox, Boating, Scuba Diving, Paragliding, Trekking, Bonfire, Barbecue, and Fishing are some of the activities available at Kolad.

Outdoor Games: Cricket, Football, Throw ball, Badminton, and Basketball. Indoor Games: Chess, Carom, Pool table, Table Tennis, Darts, etc.

So don’t spend any time and pick a place to stay that will be both gratifying and affordable for you.

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