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KNow All About The Best Tyres We Offer: Hankook Tyres, The Best

The Korean company Hankook was actually founded in 1941, back then it was called Chosun Tire Industrial Co., Ltd. It later engaged in the production of various tires. The company received its current name only in 1955.\ 

The company established its representative office in America in 1981, and it established a representative office in the Netherlands in 1996. This business is the first Asian representative to be able to sign a contract with Ford for the supply of different car tyres. 

Hankook tyres are available from the company’s_name for consumers in Peterborough and nearby areas. We provide only the best and most reliable tyres for you and make it simple for you to choose the right tyre for your car. You can receive high-performance tyres for an excellent price.  

The Hankook tyre Group is the seventh-largest tyre brand in the world. Brampton, Ontario, Canada is the headquarters of Hankook tyre. You can purchase Hankook tyres in Peterborough at cheap prices from us.

What is the goal of Hankook company

The main European office is attempting to boost sales in Europe by building a plant in Hungary. The company’s main objective is to secure third place in the European market and establish a solid foothold there.

Work is also being perfecly done with consumers; all of their wishes are being considered, and as the model range expands, tyres that fully meet the needs of consumers will appear Korean company Hankook.


Because the company values its reputation, the production has a strict quality control system that prevents a defective batch from reaching the consumer. All of this has helped to make the company one of the most well-known in the world, Tyres Peterborough.


What brands of Hankook tyres do we provide?

  • Hankook tyres all season
  • Hankook winter tyres
  • Hankook Summer tyres
  • Popular and best Hankook winter tyres
  • 9.0 Winter I*cept Evo W310 8.7 
  • Winter i*Pike RS2 W429 8.3 
  • Winter I*cept W605 8.1 
  • Winter i*cept RS W442 8.1 
  • Winter I*cept IZ W606 8.1 
  • Winter i*cept iZ 2 W616 8.0 
  • DW04 8.0 
  • Icebear W604 7.9 
  • DynaPro i*cept RW08

Popular and best Hankook summer tyres

  • DynaPro HP2 RA33 7.9 
  • Optimo K715 7.9 
  • Ventus V12 evo K110 7.7 
  • Optimo K406 7.6 
  • Optimo K415 7.6 
  • DynaPro HP RA23 7.5 
  • DynaPro MT RT03 7.5 
  • Ventus ME01 K114

 Popular and best Hankook All season tyres

  • Aurora Van R20 
  • Centum H720  
  • Dynamic AT RF03 
  • Dynamic MT RT01 
  • Dynamic Radial Z36 
  • DynaPro AS RH03 
  • DynaPro AT RF08 
  • DynaPro AT-A RF09 
  • DynaPro ATM RF10 
  • DynaPro HT RH12

Profits of buying Hankook:

  • Modern Hankook tyres are reliable and have excellent road grip. They offer strong cross-country capabilities, endurance, and do not slide on rough sections of road. 
  • It is resistant and useful because of the thoughtful rubber composition used in innovative production. 
  • A way to outfit your car for the city’s seasonal driving conditions is to purchase tyres from our store.
  • Hankook tyres provide a quiet and comfortable ride while also improving the safety and control of your car.
  • Outstanding braking: Hankook tyres have an uneven tread pattern that improves traction on the road and, as a result, increases braking power Korean company Hankook.
  • Softer rubber helps the ingenious to make Hankook tyres, so they feature stiff sidewalls and better handling and they also provide better traction at faster speeds.  As a result, your automobile can better handle tight turns and offers a more comfortable driving experience. Additionally, the wide surfaces facilitate rapid stops for vehicles, increasing road safety and minimizing wear and tear.

Focused on Exceptional Performance, Value, and Design

  • To keep atop the customer satisfaction rankings.
  • To deliver products of superior quality.
  • To attain financial stability and expansion.
  • To keep a knowledgeable, experienced team.


The number of reviews for Hankook tyres – 12703 pcs;

The average rating by site users is 4.43 out of 5 

Buy hankook tires from us

Tires stop pulling, cutting and flaking. The car turns out to be fast and dynamic, and safety and comfort are at par with industry standards. The particular brand of machine determines the size and design options. Increased loads and mechanical effects are no match for Hankook, which maintains its properties when exposed to the outside world. The distortion risk is minimally increased. The cost is variable and is really based on the specifications of the Korean company Hankook.

  • Tire size:
  • Model;
  • Season;
  • Running indicators of rubber;
  • Spike;
  • Tread pattern;
  • Tread depth;
  • Price segment.


We say you purchase Hankook because Hankook can be a great brand for a buyer from all tyres Peterborough. Because Hankook tyres provide all that you need. Hankook tyres can be the best option for you. Because these tyres provide high quality and the best driving experience. If you want the best tyres for your vehicles at a low price then it will be the best option for you.

  • In all circumstances, control Technology enhances handling and stability.
  • Driving is more pleasant as a result of less noise and vibration.
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