Rock Salt

Is Himalayan Rock Salt A Mineral?

The answer to this question is yes. The sodium salt is a crystalline mineral salt known as halite. Its chemical formula is NaCl. It has a cubic crystalline structure. Salt exists in solid form at room temperature and melts at 713℃ temperature.

Minerals are substances that are present in the naturally purest crystalline form in the earth’s crust. Minerals cannot be renewed by the synthetic process. The substance occurring in different crystalline forms can be interconverted from one mineral structural form to another, similar is the case with sodium salt its purest mineral form is pink salt but it can be converted into different forms that serve as rock salts such as light orange and green salt.

Minerals are inorganic solids; the formula of rock salt indicates that it is an ionic solid containing ions arranged in crystalline form

Minerals are made up of just one substance or component instead of a mixture, the rock salt is 99% purest NaCl in its natural form.

The chemical study of rock salt shows that it is an ionic crystalline solid, commonly found in rocks.

There are some other resources of salt such as dried lacks, rivers, and sea. This salt is known as organic salt or green salt. This salt is white in color and some countries are using this salt for edible food spice and also exporting it. The basic difference of Pink Himalayan Salt and White organic salt is that pink salt is a healthier salt rich with minerals required for the body.

Sources of Salt:

According to Geological Analysis, the Rock Salt natural resources of salt are present in Pakistan. Pakistan has been blessed with more than ten billion tons of resources of purest rock salt.

The following are the major natural salt resources in Pakistan:

  • Khewra Salt Mine:
  • Warchha Salt mines:
  • Salt Range in Kālābāgh

Khewra Salt Mines has a 6.68 billion ton resource of rock salt with 350,000 tons of annual production of salt.

Instead of having large natural resources Pakistan is the 20th in the salt exporter. Different countries are manufacturing and exporting table salt and different products of salt by using deposits of dried. In European countries, salt is used for de-icing purposes during the snowfall season.

Suppliers of Salt in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the annual export of salt is 2,000,000 tons per annum. Famous Manufacturers of Salt products are given below:

  1. Standard Salts
  2. Himalayan Black Salt
  3. Hilal Salts
  4. Hub Salts

Standards Salts are working to supply the rock salt in its purest form as pure salt is important for health. Iodized or additives having salt cause severe health problems if we use them for a long time.

They have set up a brand of pink salt. Their annual export is increasing every year due to their premium quality products. Their products include table salt for food materials and also different products of salt for various purposes.

Standard Salts

Standard salts are working with pure Himalayan Salt to provide this naturally occurring mineral in its pure form at a low price. Himalayan Salt is better than organic salts that are found in the sea and dried lakes. Himalayan Table Salt has comparatively higher concentrations of calcium, magnesium, and iron content than organic salt.

Standard Salts have installed mining plants in Himalayan Rock Mines to form edible salt products. Their products are certified by food quality standards. Salt lamps, tiles, and bath salt are exported to several countries.

Himalayan Black Salt:

Himalayan black salts are also working for manufacturing and export of Himalayan black salt in Pakistan.

Hilal Salts:

They are producing salt products for food and spices. Their certified products are available in Pakistan.

Hub Salts

Hub Salts is working in Lahore to produce salt products for edible and decoration purposes.

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