Is It Possible To Retread Old Tyres?

Retreading a set of tyres refers to the process of replacing the tread on old tyres with fresh treads. This takes place without causing any alteration to the composition of the tyre. This is often done to increase the tyre’s longevity. There is a strong temptation to purchase used tyres. This is because they are often quite a bit more affordable than brand-new tyres. They are often available at prices that are lower than the budget levels. Retreads have a compelling ecological argument in their favour as well. This is due to the significant additional costs of disposing of your old Tyres Nottingham

In a retread, what percentage of the tyre is new?

The tyre structure stays intact. A brand-new rubber substance will serve as the tread’s replacement. This accounts for anywhere between 20 and 30 per cent of the tyre total bulk on average. Because of this, the cost of retreading a tyre is far lower than the cost of creating and purchasing a brand-new one.

How does one go about replacing the tread on a tyre?

Repairing or replacing the tread of a tyre can happen in several different ways. The quantity and quality of the available resources will have a role, if not a significant one, in determining the approach that will be in use. In addition to that, it is contingent on the characteristics of the worn-out tyre that requires retreading.

We begin by cleaning and preparing the old tyre. This entails looking at the tyre and putting it through several tests. It is helpful to determine whether or not there is any harm that is not detectable by the naked eye. Several tyres are not appropriate for use on a retreat. The process of examining the tyre eliminates those that are not suitable. To produce acceptable tyres, the existing tread wipes away, leaving just the body of the tyre behind. This creates a surface that is level and slick for the new tread to go on.

The following is a list of the most typical procedures that are in use to apply a fresh tread:

Retreading on hot asphalt

Warm vulcanised tyre repairing is another name for this process. It puts a raw rubber covering on the newly prepared core. After that, it is subject to very high heat and a certain amount of pressure while going through the vulcanization process.


This practice is also known as cold retreading. Cement bonding occurs during the process of attaching the tread band to the chassis. If you need to retread tyres of different shapes and sizes, this is a common technique. Where the two edges of the tread strip come together, there will be an obvious seam created as a result of this.

Mould Curing

It involves placing a mould through the carcass and pouring raw rubber into it to create a new tread. This is not a common approach to retreading tyres. This is because moulds are necessary for each different size and kind of tread.

Shaping beads one by one

In addition to the surface, the tyre will now have brand new sidewalls due to this.

What kinds of retreads and remoldings are available for various tyres?

Certain tyres are not appropriate for retreading. The tyre must maintain a high level of structural integrity. Tyres cannot sustain any harm under any circumstances. It is necessary to ensure that the tread of the tyre is compatible with the body. Depending on the approach that they take to retreading tyres, some of the more compact businesses may be less in the sizes and kinds of tyres that they can retread.

The depth of the tread ought to always be equivalent to that of the base component. Despite the legal maximum in the UK being 1.6 millimetres, the final tread should be anywhere from between 2 and 3 millimetres deep. Due to this, any carcass that is shallower than 2 millimetres in depth is ineligible for usage. This is because it will not be capable of holding a sufficiently deep tread. It is to everyone’s advantage if the tread could be in a thicker layer. This is because it will lengthen the tyre’s lifetime and enhance its efficiency.

Are retreads available for particular kinds of vehicles?

It’s not uncommon to see retread tyres on large vehicles like trucks, buses, and vans. This is because their tyres are a lot bigger and cost much more. As a result, going through them again makes perfect sense.
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