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How to use Amazon Customer Questions and Answers to improve your product listing

Consider the enormous variety of goods that Amazon offers. To have your products found on Amazon, your product listings must be optimized.

Amazon’s product recommendations are prioritized using a secret algorithm. Based on parameters for seller conversion, including price, performance, client happiness, and sales history.

However, you can still do something else to enhance your product listing. And that is to answer “AMAZON Customer Questions and Answers”. Both buyers and sellers will find this section to be very helpful. Therefore, well this article will explain how your Amazon product listing benefits from your questions and replies.

What are Customer Questions on Amazon?

Before we tell you how you can benefit from the amazon customer question and answer, let us tell you what it is exactly.

Customer questions or answers are those inquiries that customers question about sellers’ products on the listing page. A product detail page’s Customer Questions & Answers section is near the bottom.

Sellers include all the details important to their product in the description, bullet points, and title when they create an Amazon product listing. Customers occasionally need extra information in order to make a purchasing decision because that information isn’t sufficient.

At that point, people turn to the Customer Questions and Answers area to learn highly precise and important information about the product, such as its features, applications, etc.

How did customer Questions and answers help to improve the product listing?

You might be wondering; this feature is to benefit the customer. How does it benefit the sellers? Well, you will be surprised to know that this feature equally helps both. In this section, we will tell you how!

1.      Builds Trust and Authority

Word of mouth is still a significant and effective marketing tool.  With this, you can increase conversion chances and there is a Greater likelihood of obtaining a returning customer.

Making extravagant claims getting professional amazon marketing services will not provide benefit to your company in the long run. When you answer the customer’s questions, they will most certainly discuss it with someone else. This discussion will put the seed in the other person’s mind about your good services.

2.                  They Increase a Product’s Value

When a buyer on Amazon raises a query, the seller frequently requests clarification or further details that aren’t included in your offering. Or When different consumers would ask the same queries, this information is presented.

When customers see a listing with “1000+” answers, they assume the product is trustworthy because so many people have already purchased it and are continuing to use it. This reassures them and aids in their decision-making regarding the purchase. Providing answers to queries might also be your audience’s last push to convert.

3.                  Boost Your Search Rankings

The benefit of having client questions and answers on your website for the product listing is that it improves your search engine results. The Customer Questions section is sure to contain useful keywords, improving keyword density for subjects relevant to your products. It’s difficult to avoid reaping the benefits when you consider that external search engines and the Amazon search tool read every word on a product page.

4.                  They Boost Product Visibility and Sales

When your audience asks questions, and you respond, they employ specific keywords you hadn’t discovered in your keyword study, which increases the relevance of your listing.

Correctly answering questions results in favorable reviews. This affects ranking and leads to conversions.

5.                  Sets you apart From the Competition.


How are you going to stand out from the competition if you and 300 other retailers are all selling the same trinkets at around the same price? Well, in such instances, the customers will turn to reviews and customer questions and answers. If a customer has a query and you solve it for them, then they will be more willing to buy your product than your competitors. Online selling is a very competitive industry, so you’ll want to give yourself every advantage you can to succeed.

6.                  Your audience teaches you things.


By asking questions, you can identify any holes in your listing. If customers are asking questions about your items, you can discover that crucial details are lacking. You have the chance to analyze your product listing and choose where you can make improvements.

Using these questions, you can learn more about your audience’s perceptions of your product. What details are significant to them? If people frequently ask you about the product’s measurements, you can assume that they value size highly while making a purchase.

When your audience has a query, past clients might respond. You can learn more from their responses about where your goods work well and where they require work. You can learn a lot about your product and how to improve it by doing this.

7.                  They Help You See Weak Points

You can identify the product’s weaknesses and, if any, the listing’s weaknesses by asking questions. You can address a product’s flaws or improve the listing if you notice customers complaining or asking inquiries about it. Additionally, you might state that the flaw has already been resolved. Your credibility as a seller will increase as a result.

Do not disregard Amazon’s question policies.

You shouldn’t always respond to a question just because you know the answer. In Amazon’s opinion, several subjects should be handled in customer service rather than in Customer Q&A. It’s not worthwhile to respond to questions about shipping, availability, customer service, or details relevant to specific orders because Amazon will probably remove them eventually. Both sides of the Q&A should publish in accordance with the rules for customer discussions.

In their Seller Answers Guidelines, Amazon also lists some content that is not permitted from the viewpoint of sellers.


Customers can engage in human interaction that is normally lacking in eCommerce by asking questions. Although it may be argued that humans developed eCommerce and therefore involves a number of human touch points, mass production of tailored consumer communications is not possible. That’s why with this function, you can connect to your customer and improve your business. To your advantage and see how it enhances your Amazon business’s development.


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