How to Merge Multiple VCF Files into One Online?

How to Merge Multiple VCF Files into One Online

A vCard file, which has the.vcf file suffix is used to store contact information and other facts about them. It is just a simple text file that may include information on the contact, including name, email address, physical address, phone number, and other identifying characteristics. Users must combine several VCF Files into one since it saves contact information. In this technical post, we’ll go through the top two ways to merge several VCF files into one, making it simple to access all of their information in a single vCard file.


What is a VCF File?

Virtual Contact File, or VCF for short, is a common file format for digitally storing contact information for people and businesses. vCard is another name for it in the past.

It enables users to save contacts’ names, addresses, phone numbers, and other contact details. Additionally, you may send your contact information to others in the vCard (.vcf) format using Microsoft Outlook. All of the photos and other media material are supported as well.

Additionally, you may attach one to emails and utilize it to move contact information across address books.

Why Need to Merge Multiple VCF Files into One VCF file?

The vCard file (.vcf) is essential for use in the home, office, and workplace. Multiple vCard files must be correctly combined when users fail to handle them. Due to security concerns, there are various more situations when users seek to consolidate several VCF files into one. Among the principal causes might be:

  • To contain all the contacts in your address book, combine multiple VCF files.
  • In order to efficiently handle all the contacts, combine two or more vCard files.
  • Simply open it in a text editor, such as a notepad, and view it.
  • To integrate their data, users must add VCF files.

These are a few reasons why users might want to combine multiple vCard or VCF files into one. Discover the best approaches to combine VCF files into one now.

How to Merge Multiple VCF Files into One VCF file Online?

VCF files must be combined for various user needs. If you are one of them, immediately attempt the suggested remedy. We’ll discover the two most effective ways to combine many VCF files into a single VCF or vCard file.

  • Manually Combine Multiple VCF Files into One
  • Professionally combine several VCF files into one

How to Merge Multiple VCF Files into a Single VCF file manually?

Merging the numerous VCF files into a single vCard file will take care of the problem. To combine several vCard files into one, adhere to the methods listed below:

  • In order to merge all of your vCard files, first place them all in a single folder.
  • In the pop-up window, click the Windows + R button and type CMD.
  • Your machine will display the Windows command prompt.
  • Navigate to the folder containing the vCard files.
  • Enter the following command here: copy *.vcf all.vcf
  • One vCard file is created when all files have been combined. It will also be given the name all. vcf.
  • This new VCF file may now be used for sharing or importing into email programs, among other things.

Merge Multiple VCF Files into One Using the Best VCF Merge Tool

The manual technique for doing this step calls for ongoing user supervision and occasionally technical expertise. Therefore, there is a different method available for joining merge VCF files into a single one.

The trustworthy and gratis VCF Combine and Divide Tool allow you to merge VCF/vCard files without changing the contacts in the files. The program is capable of combining many VCF or vCard files into a single document. After merging or dividing VCF files, it keeps the contact’s information’s data integrity.


Top Reliable Features of VCF Merge Software

  • With 100% data correctness, merge numerous VCF files into one.
  • The huge VCF or vCard file can alternatively be divided into several smaller ones.
  • Support for Windows versions 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc.
  • During converting, it preserves the folder hierarchy and structure.
  • Users of the Free VCF Merge Tool can combine or separate 15 VCF/vCard files.
  • The program also accepts vCard files produced by many email clients, ICloud, Skype, and other services.
  • It is compatible with vCard versions 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0.

Step By Step Guide to Join Multiple VCF files into one

  • Install and run the merge VCF application on your system.
  • Click the Browse button and browse to the VCF file on your system.


  • Choose the output location in your system to save the VCF merge file.
  • Finally, click on the “Start Generating Now” button to start the VCF Merge file process.



One of the individuals that want to combine many VCF files into one can be you. Use the techniques mentioned above to merge many vCard files into a single one. Users may also use this program to merge many VCF files into a single file.



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