How to hold a baby correctly?

How to hold a baby correctly?

Holding a baby, rocking and stroking it is a wonderful experience and pleasure. Parents, especially new ones, experience some fear and hesitation when holding their newborn in their arms, they feel fear and insecurity not knowing if they are doing it right. However, the paternal and maternal instinct is stronger than any instruction manual technique and, in a few days, the fear disappears and one becomes an expert.

  • Holding a baby in your arms is a rewarding experience that promotes the baby’s self-esteem and emotional health.
  • There are no instructions on how to pick up a baby. The paternal affection and instinct is more than enough.
  • In any case, it is about paying special attention to how to support your head.

top tips

Holding a baby in your arms is a very beneficial experience for both parents and children, as it promotes the baby’s self-esteem and emotional health. In this sense, there are some basic tips that it is important to know.

  • The newborn is very fragile so we must handle it with care, making gentle and safe movements at the same time.
  • The baby is not yet able to hold his head up on his own. In this way, one hand must always hold his head, both when we take him in our arms and when we put him to bed. In fact, they are so small that with the same hand we can hold the upper part of the back and the head.

Most common positions

Until the little one is able to support his head on his own, there are basically three ways to hold the newborn.

Face down, resting on the forearm

It is a position that babies like very much. This is lying on the forearm, with one hand holding the bottom and the face resting on the inside of the elbow, looking out. It is a very effective position to calm the colic of the infant since the arm provides a light massage in the belly.

Face up, resting on the forearm

The position is similar to the previous one but the baby’s back is the one that remains supported on the forearm, face up. This position allows us to establish greater visual contact with the newborn, we can talk to him and use the other hand to caress him.

In an upright position resting on the chest

When holding the baby in this position, we must always hold his head, as he still does not have the strength to keep it straight on his own and any sudden movement could make him nod abruptly. This position favors attachment by being in greater contact with the body heat of the mother or father.

Regardless of position…

Regardless of the position chosen to hold the baby, the following recommendations should be taken into account:

  • Avoid picking up the baby with dirty hands.
  • Hold him lovingly, addressing the baby with sweet words.
  • Hold it securely.
  • Try to make him feel comfortable.
  • Try to change the position of the baby so that he does not always rest his head on the same point.
  • Hold his head when picking him up and putting him to bed.
  • Prevent small children from picking up the baby.
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