How to Draw A Celtic knot

Celtic Knot Drawing

How to Draw A Celtic knot. The Celtic knot is one of history’s most complex and intricate patterns. These twisted and intricate designs remain popular in ancient texts, architecture, and other relics of the past.

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Celtic knot fans who want to sit down and draw them may find their complexity challenging to learn how to draw a Celtic knot. Luckily, breaking it down doesn’t have to be that hard, and that’s what this guide is here for!

How to Draw A Celtic knot

Step 1

We said that when you learn how to draw a Celtic knot, we recommend breaking it down into smaller steps. This is how we start this tutorial, as we will draw a section of the knot.

As you draw, try to think of it as threads woven together. For this first thread, draw two curved lines that meet at a sharp point. As seen in the reference image, this forms a pointed arch shape.

Step 2

In this second step in drawing your Celtic knot, you will draw more threads for the knot.

These lines should be easy enough to make as you must draw a few curved lines descending from the “arc” you drew in the previous step. That’s all for now, so it’s time for the next step!

Step 3

For the next step in our how-to draw a Celtic knot guide, we’ll add another arc similar to the one from step 1. This arc runs on a larger diagonal than this one. Once that’s done, we can continue building the knot as we go.

Step 4

In this next step of your Celtic knot design, you’ll lengthen the threads you started in Step 2 of the pattern. To do this, extend a few more curved lines so that they look like they’re connected to those of this passage.

Step 5

You’ve drawn a few arch shapes in this How to Draw a Celtic Knot tutorial, so you shouldn’t have trouble drawing another one for this step.

This will also run diagonally down the right side, as in step 3. If it looks confusing, referencing the reference image should make it much more transparent!

Step 6

At this point in your Celtic knot design, you’ve probably noticed that you’re drawing a circular shape inside the knot.

This circular shape is what we’re going to achieve in this part. With this circular shape drawn, all that remains is to add more to the lines that make up the interior of the knot.

Step 7

The following steps in this Celtic knot design guide focus on finishing the threads in the knot. For this part, draw some curved lines inwards that connect with the arch on top of the knot.

Step 8

In these final steps, we will connect more threads of your Celtic knot design. These curved lines you add here connect the thread that runs horizontally through the knot, as shown in the image.

Step 9

It’s almost time to colorize your photo, but we have some final steps to add to this step of our How to Draw a Celtic Knot guide.

All you have to do for this step is add more curved lines to connect the last thread running vertically in the knot. Your Celtic knot design is finished, and you are prepared for the final step.

Step 10

You can have fun adding some pretty colors in this final step of your Celtic knot design! In our reference image, we used some yellow and gray for the knot.

Celtic Knot Drawing

Whatever colors you like for this design. Choosing your artistic media wisely can also help bring these colors to life. This is a step where you can take control and show us how creative you can be. We can’t wait to see you bring this image to life!

Your Celtic Knot Drawing is Finished!

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