How to Correctly Store Your Tyres and Ensure Usability for Another Season


Using a vehicle enables you to move from one place to another without any difficulties. It is as such, one of the best inventions as it makes Hankook Tyres Middlesbrough transportation much more convenient. One does not have to rely heavily on public transit. Instead, one can travel from one place to another without any difficulties.

As such, one can relish the multiple benefits of the vehicle and move from one place to another without any issues. The usage of a vehicle can prove to be extremely beneficial but only if the vehicle is in a good condition.

If the vehicle is not in a good condition, it will fail to make the kind of performance you want from it. As such, it is important to make sure that you maintain the status quo of your vehicle so that it can continue to deliver good results on the road.

If one does not apply regular and timely maintenance changes to their vehicle, it will fail to deliver the kind of benefits one wants. The best way to gain the benefits you want from your vehicle is by subjecting it to timely changes, replacements and repairs.

Throughout the year, one can make use of the vehicle without any difficulties. However, making some kinds of changes to your vehicle throughout the year remains necessary. For example, one must make sure that they replace their tyres when the weather becomes extremely difficult to stomach.

The shift in the temperature requires one to make use of seasonal tyres. Using seasonal tyres like winter tyres and summer tyres has multiple benefits. However, when one set of tyres is in use, the other must remain in storage.

Tyre Storage Can Prove to Be Difficult. However, One Can Do the Same by Following These Simple Steps:

  1. Tyres should be put away from liquids. There are several liquids that can prove to be detrimental to the condition of the tyres. Amongst them, liquids like petrol and diesel are downright destructive for the condition of the tyres. Therefore, if one wants their tyres to deliver the best eprofroamcne on the road for another season, they should keep them away from liquids like petrol and diesel.


  1. Another thing that can prove to be detrimental to the condition of the tyres is sunlight. It may not be the sunlight in itself that can prove to be harmful to the tyres. However, with the ozone that accompanies the sunlight, tyres can incur damage extensively. Over time, the tyres can end up corroding and end up developing cracks on the tyre tread. This is why it is best to save them from ozone and sunlight.


  1. The usage of tyres for another season will only remain possible if the tyres remain in a good condition. For example, if one decides to hang their tyres on hooks, it will inevitably result in several issues. Hanging tyres on hooks will result in deformation from one end. Therefore, if one wants to make sure that their tyres do not incur deformation and remain useful for another season, they should not hang them on hooks.


  1. The tyres can also incur deformation if one decides to stack their tyres. Stacking tyres one on top of the other will result in deformation. This is why it is best to make sure that one does not put their tyres on top of the other in terms of storage. If one has to put their tyres in stacks, they should ensure that they shift the position every four weeks. Otherwise, the best way to make sure that tyres do not deform is by keeping them upright through the storage season.


  1. After one undertakes all the measures to ensure proper tyre storage, they should clean their tyres thoroughly to rid them of any dirt, grime or dust. Finally, keeping the tyres in tight plastic wrap is important. This will enable your tyres to save their internal composition and enable good performance on the Tyres Middlesbrough road for another season.
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