How to Convert MSG to MBOX File for Freeware Email Clients

Nowadays quite a few domestic and working specialists need to convert MSG to MBOX reports. Users favor converting Outlook MSG to MBOX layout because MBOX layout is well matched with numerous freeware electronic mail customers which include Thunderbird and Apple Mail.

In this blog post, you may get an expert answer to transforming MSG documents into MBOX layout. But earlier than beginning the step-via way of means an of-step system, first, recognize approximately MSG and MBOX report extensions, and why conversion is essential.

About MSG and MBOX Extension

MSG report extension is used to keep Outlook gadgets which include emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journals, etc. An MSG report can keep simplest an unmarried Outlook object inclusive of embedded attachments and additives.

While MBOX is a trendy report extension to keep every electronic mail folder inclusive of all emails. Multiple emails purchaser inclusive of Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Sea Monkey, and Eudora Mail permit to import and export of electronic mail folders into the MBOX report extension.

Needfulness to convert Outlook MSG to MBOX Format

  • MSG is a local report extension of Outlook as a result that is simplest supported via way of means of Microsoft Outlook electronic mail customers. While once in a while customers need to view MSG documents beneath distinct electronic mail customers that guide the MBOX report extension.
  • Users have preferred to transform MSG to MBOX report due to the fact the MBOX report extension may be effortlessly imported into a couple of freeware electronic mail customers. e., Mac Mail, and Thunderbird. While Microsoft Outlook is part of MS Office Suite applications that’s a paid utility.

Why Is Converting MSG to MBOX Online Not Advisable?

Emails keep customers’ critical records inclusive of personal, expert, and financial. Even once in a while email have vital attachments which include identification cards, government-assigned documents, financial institution statements, photos, and videos. Thus, it isn’t always recommended to add your treasured records on a third-birthday birthday celebration server. Online MSG to MBOX Converter application essay to add your MSG documents at the net after which convert them into MBOX documents.

Drawbacks Online Solution

  • Online gear uses a lively net connection for converting MSG documents to MBOX. Hence, those applications paintings slowly for the duration of the crowning glory of the conversion system.
  • Several online gears permit converting .msg to. mbox unfastened cost. But those gear display a couple of classified ads and dangerous malware links. Hence, your one mistake can be the purpose of a malware assault on your pc.
  • Online MSG to MBOX Converter says to add your MSG documents on the net for beginning the conversion system. But that is not recommended to add your critical records on WWW (World Wide Web). Your records can be leaked or misused.

Convert MSG to MBOX Offline with 100% Security

Softakensoftware MSG to MBOX Converter Wizard is an all-in-one offline software program that has the functionality to transform MSG to MBOX documents. The tool is likewise referred to as MSG to MBOX Converter. All the modern-day Microsoft Windows and mac OS customers can download and defloration on their computers. Thereafter, observe the below-noted steps for the crowning glory of the mission.

Steps to convert MSG Files to MBOX Files

  1. Launch MSG to MBOX Converter on your Windows and mac computers. Upload MSG documents withinside the software program GUI with the usage of the Select Files or Select Folders button.
  2. Thereafter, pick the required MSG documents/folders from the software program panel and hit the Next button.
  3. Now select MBOX as a saving alternative consistent with the need.
  4. After that, the software program will mechanically pick the desktop as the vacation spot course. However, customers can click on the Browse icon to extra de distinct vacation spot paths.
  5. Click on the Convert button to begin the system to transform MSG to an MBOX report, and watch for a few seconds.
  6. MSG to MBOX Conversion system has been finished successfully. Now you could see the flash message of crowning glory.
  7. Lastly, it’s going to open the vacation spot course. Hence, customers can effortlessly get the ensuing MBOX report.

What to Do with Resultant MBOX?

After finishing the system to transform MSG to MBOX report, customers can effortlessly get the right of entry to the resulting MBOX report through the usage of numerous unfastened electronic mail customers and applications. Let’s recognize how?

1st Choice: Import MBOX in Thunderbird

  1. First, add Import Export Tools NG Add-ons to the Thunderbird electronic mail purchaser.
  2. Thereafter, pick Tools>> Import Export Tools >> Import MBOX File alternative.
  3. Now, browse the resultant box report from the vacation spot course and import it.
  4. Restart the Thunderbird electronic mail purchaser and think about imported mailbox gadgets.

2nd Choice: Import MBOX in Apple Mail

  1. Start the Apple Mail electronic mail purchaser and pick File>> Import Mailboxes.
  2. Either pick Apple Mail or Files in MBOX layout alternative and press Continue.
  3. After that, browse the transformed MBOX report and hit on Continue.
  4. Complete the import system and restart the Apple Mail electronic mail purchaser.

3rd Choice: Use Free MBOX Viewer Software

  • Download the noted freeware software program to your pc.
  • Run this utility and pick Add Files or Add Folders.
  • Browse the resultant box report and insert it into the software program GUI.
  • Thereafter, click on the MBOX report and study the entire details.

Note: observe the above-noted steps to transform Outlook MSG to MBOX layout. We have additionally mentioned the 3 distinct alternatives for accessing the transformed MBOX report. Let’s enjoy!

MSG to MBOX Converter Features and Benefits

  • Batch Convert MSG to MBOX report inclusive of entire electronic mail gadgets and additives which include To, Cc, Bcc, From, Date, Time, Year, Subject, Signature, Body, Hyperlinks, Inline Images, and all.
  • Convert Outlook MSG to MBOX trendy report extension. Which is well-matched with numerous electronic mail customers which include Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Sea Monkey, Eudora, Opera Mail, Postbox, etc.
  • Best MSG to MBOX Converter that preserves entire message attachments for the duration of the conversion system which include Adobe PDF, Word Documents, PowerPoint Presentations, Excel Spreadsheets, Images, etc.
  • This MSG to MBOX Converter may be operable on all of the modern-day windows and Mac OS. Hence, all pc and MacBook customers can use it without displaying any mistakes or caution messages.


We have mentioned the entire steps to transform MSG to the MBOX report in addition to approaching the right of entry to the ensuing MBOX report. This mission will become essential due to the fact there may be no guide approach to be had for conversion. Hence, customers look for MSG to MBOX Converter offline and online gear. However, professionals constantly endorse the offline ready software program for resolving the question with 100 curacies.


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