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It is always very important in building. As a project manager, you should always be able to get to important information that will help you handle claims for your projects well.

If you make even the smallest mistake, you might have to fight claims that could delay your Project and cost you thousands of euros to defend. So, your show will always be true to life. And you can’t afford to leave out any details or give false details. Yes, it makes sense.

It’s not as simple as it seems, though. Especially if you’re using broken equipment and there are a lot of manual steps and poor communication between the different teams, you may quickly be buried in paperwork.

How often have you had to go to the construction company every day to ensure everything is going as planned and problems are being reported correctly? And how often have you wished you could talk to your foreman more often and directly so you could skip these time-consuming visits to the job site?

You know that a full site tour can take up to two hours of your time, and you have two hours to go through the whole website and ensure that every problem you find is correctly written down. If you don’t, your Project could be open to legal action.

The Start of the Story

And that’s just the beginning. If a client or subcontractor accuses you of causing a delay, it could take days or weeks to find a picture or email proving you weren’t to blame.

There’s no doubt that the process is hard and stressful. But what’s the worst part? When you spend so much time on the administrative side of your job, you don’t have time to work on the things that matter, and that made you want to work in this field in the first place.

Digital Solution

It should be clear why a digital solution made just for the construction company is a better choice for any Project Manager who wants to stay in charge of their projects and keep them safe from costly and time-consuming claims.

Here are the three main ways that a construction-specific technology can help you manage project claims smartly and effectively:

Both the Project Manager and the Foreman must agree on everything.

Also, Foremen can write down problems right where they happen, so they don’t have to worry that they’ll miss something important after a thorough site inspection.

Since they can now get real-time updates and give feedback, project managers have much more freedom than they used to. Stop going to sites for no reason. Now that you know more about what’s happening in the game, you can better use your time.

Whatsapp notifications, emails, and whiteboard notes might cause more problems than they solve when keeping Project Managers and Foremen in touch. The main reason is that these tools were not made to help with delicate and time-sensitive building work. Miscommunication, losing important information, and not getting answers right away are always risks.

Construction Projects That Are Not Organize

It’s easy for construction projects to get out of hand. Of course, it’s because they have so much information attached to them. It’s easy to see how important it is for project teams and managers to have the same information. Then they will be able to keep in touch and deal with claim threats as they come up.

It’s not always the case, though, because project managers sometimes have to use generic tools. They often lose track of the problems that led to a claim. Which forces them to work in a reactive rather than a proactive way.

Instead, a digital solution with a construction company in mind can give Project Managers the important clarity they need. Being able to write down everything right away eliminates unpleasant surprises, speeds up the exchange of information. And gives you peace of mind in case your client or subcontractors make claims you weren’t expecting.

Again, you will save a lot of time and be able to cut down on the paperwork you must do. In the past, it could take days, weeks, or even months to get all the information needed to respond correctly to a claim.

Keeping in touch with each other

It’s time to let the other people involved know about the problems you’ve found and written down. By doing this, you can fix any problems right away and get your Project back on track.

Changes to the different Project

Again, it’s important to let everyone involved in the Project know about events and changes as soon as possible. But it won’t matter if you get an update that doesn’t explain anything.

Digital Application

But a digital application just for construction could help you with this and keep everyone in the loop. How?

Most people know construction companies in Northern Areas for the services they offer in the construction industry. Their prices are also lower than those of other construction company businesses in Skardu.

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