How to Backup Hotmail Folders Instantly – Complete Tutorial

Hotmail is recalled as one of the maximum used webmail providers in past. Owing to its attractiveness, Microsoft determined to undergo its offerings however in rehabilitated shape. The new Hotmail regarded to be simply modified its call-in addition to the look of Hotmail. However, it’s identical except for an improvement that changed into delivered to it stated Mr. Daniel.

Backup of emails is as crucial as emails are for communication. Desktop program shave leads over webmail offerings in such cases, as its garage is nearby. Meanwhile, the webmail offerings are reliant on cloud garages that are insusceptible in comparison.

How to Backup Hotmail Folders to Hard Drive?

Folders here seek advice from an electronic mail folder – custom and default each because it shops messages exchanged over an account. Backup of such folders manner a backup of emails, and Hotmail is stored within. However, that allows you to manually backup Hotmail emails to tough force isn’t relatively as bendy compared to third-party devices for comparable execution.

Therefore, Researched and were given an immediate answer Email Backup.

I changed into satisfied to see that the software program offers a demo model to attempt the utility earlier than buying it. After the use of the demo model of the software, I observed it as an incredible device and I invested in it. With this software program, I am capable of backup Hotmail account to a preferred platform.

How to Backup Hotmail Emails to a Computer?

Follow these easy steps to back up Hotmail emails to nearby computers.

  1. Launch the Hotmail backup wizard on a Windows computer.
  2. Log in to your Hotmail account by coming into electronic mail account credentials.
  3. Select the backup layout and pick a vacation spot path.
  4. Hit on the Start tab to back up Hotmail messages on the computer.

Backup Hotmail Email Messages and Contacts in Different Ways 

  • Let us take a look at the operation of the software program.
  • Choose Hotmail utility from the listing of electronic mail programs to begin to back up the Hotmail account.
  • Enter your Hotmail account credentials on the software program panel>> click on the Login button.
  • Once it’s login, the device will start to examine folders and add them to the software program’s panel.
  • Now, take a look at the preferred folder, that you want to transport from the Hotmail mailbox.
  • Backup Hotmail Emails to Local PC – Choose an Email Data File
  • Select the preferred report layout to back up your Hotmail facts on it. Like we pick the Outlook PST report layout.
  • You can save your resultant documents in any of the preferred languages as you’ve got your MS Outlook. Select your preferred choice thus.
  • Select the preferred location to backup Hotmail folders at a user-pleasant path.
  • The tool provides a choice to execute a particular electronic mail backup, simply take a look at “Use Advance Option” and then, click on the backup button to begin the manner.
  • After you’ve got backup Hotmail contacts and emails to your computer, you’ll get a pop-up message.
  • Backup Hotmail Account to Save on Cloud-Application
  • The select choice thus like we pick Gmail/G suite to save Hotmail emails
  • Enter the credentials of your Google Gmail account to download Hotmail emails.

The software offers a choice to execute particular email migration. For this take a look at the choice “Use Advance Settings.” Enter date variety emigrates particular emails. Click on the Backup button to start the procedure.

Once this manner of backup Hotmail emails is done, you’ll get the message on the screen.

In this way, I downloaded all my Hotmail facts to the preferred layout. I observed the software as a one-time funding utility to execute the backup manner. Moreover, facts integrity is saved in specific shape after a backup of facts.

Some Key Features of Hotmail Backup

Backup of Hotmail Email: Hotmail Backup software program makes a nearby replica of your Hotmail mailbox. The device is constructed to professionally back up each electronic mail from the reachable electronic mail folders.

  • Multiple Backup Options: Users get numerous alternatives to store sponsored electronic mail facts in any of the preferred formats- PST, MSG, MBOX, EML, etc. as in line with their convenience. Even one also can store facts over cloud programs too.
  • Selective Backup Option: Before starting the backup manner of your Hotmail messages to the machine, you could even practice filters over it to download facts of your choice.
  • Conserves Email Properties: Email header is offerings thru a backup manner. Details which include To, From, Cc, Bcc, IP detail, etc., leftovers intact with software program even as producing a backup of your Hotmail account.

What Need to Backup Hotmail Account? –Reasons Explained

Webmail is boundless as some distance as bendy emailing is particularly concerned. You can effortlessly use your emails from everywhere if they’re on a strong network connection. Mean even as, the vulnerability of webmail offerings makes it undesirable for the specialists who recall protection as extra critical.

The existence of emails on the internet server is prone to them being uncovered to know no longer the handiest artless loss that cannot be back however to cybercrime ensuing withinside the facts misuse. Therefore, customers like me desire to back up all Hotmail emails earlier than leaving the mailbox stranded.


By ending, I might handiest say that with the upward push in technology, it’s miles critical to have the right facts backup. Therefore, the use of a particular answer is critical in a way to control entire facts properly. As I additionally applied an incredible device to back up all my facts. If you continue to have any type of technical problem then, sense unfastened to touch us to our technical help team.


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