How Can I Search For US Trademark Registration?

Trademarks are used to protect brand names and logos. There is no official filing fee for US trademark registration with the USPTO, but you must pay an attorney or do it yourself. You will need to provide evidence that your trademark is not used by anyone else in order to be granted a registration. If someone else has already used the same trademark on similar goods or services, you can’t apply for that trademark yourself.

You can search for USPTO trademark filing by visiting the USPTO’s website. From there, you’ll be able to use the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) to conduct a search.

USPTO’s Database

TESS is the USPTO’s database of registered trademarks. It contains information on over 2.7 million active trademarks that are registered, applied for, or that have expired within the last six years

TESS is a database that contains information on all active trademarks in the United States. It includes over 2.7 million active trademarks, over 1.1 million expired trademarks, and over 3 million trademark applications (the process of applying for registration).

At the very least once each working day, the TESS data is updated. 
The TESS database is continuously updated, but only when fresh data are made available. 
Updates are made at least once month and once week, in addition to the daily updates, to incorporate recently issued Trademark Registrations or documents filed with the USPTO that have an impact on outstanding applications and registrations (e.g., amendments).

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) offers an online tool called Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) that you can use to search for registered trademarks. You can do a thorough search of TESS before you apply for your trademark to ensure no one else has already used a similar or identical mark on the same goods and services.

To use this tool, go to or click here:

You can search by word mark, registration number, owner name and attorney name to find one or many trademarks. For example:

  • Use the serial number (or “registration number”) to find a specific trademark.
  • Use the registration number to find all trademarks with a certain owner.
  • Use the owner name to find all trademarks registered by that person.

USPTO trademark search

To search for a trademark online, you can use the USPTO’s website or Rocket Lawyer’s free system. The official USPTO trademark search database is the best place to start because it offers search options that are more in-depth than what you’ll find on other sites. For example, if you’re looking for specific types of trademarks (like clothing or food products), then this option might be worth considering. In addition, some people prefer reading descriptions about what makes each trademark unique rather than just going off of keywords alone—so this may be helpful if your search requires more information than simply knowing whether a given word was used as an identifier or not.

To search for your trademark on the USPTO website, go to their Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) and type in your mark. The system then displays a list of trademark applications that match your search terms.

To search for your trademark on Rocket Lawyer, click on “Trademarks” and enter all of the information about your mark: the name of it and other identifying information such as its registration number, who owns it (you or another person), what types of goods or services it covers, etc. Then select “Search” and click “Search Trademarks For Free” to see if there are any existing trademarks that conflict with yours.

Google can also help you determine if someone else has registered a similar trademark as yours by using an advanced search query tool called Keyword Planner; just plug in different variations of both marks into Keyword Planner’s keyword box until you find one that matches both terms without being too broad or too specific — then run each keyword through Google again to see if any results show up in relation to those phrases!

Searching for a trademark

If you’re interested in learning more about a particular trademark, there are several options for searching our database:

  • You can search by word mark. This is a search of all trademarks that contain your desired words in the same order (or close to the same order). For example, if you wanted to find all trademarks containing the word “rocket” and “lawyer” together, you could enter those two words into our search box at Rocket Lawyer.
  • Finally, some people prefer not having access all this information at once due solely on principle alone – especially if they own multiple trademarks across multiple categories/types covering different types of goods/services sold but don’t want competitors knowing exactly who they are until after making initial contact first (which makes sense! It’s not always easy finding good lawyers). In this case too though there are still ways around having everything contained within one place just yet – namely through using manual labour instead such as reading through each individual record individually instead via Excel spreadsheet format (which isn’t ideal but does work well enough).

To search the database, you can:

  • Search by word mark, serial number, registration number, owner name and attorney name.
  • Search by date of registration.
  • Search by status (active or inactive).

What does a successful search look like?

If you have a good search query, it will show you the following things:


  • The Serial Number (if available).
  • The Registration Number (or Application Number).
  • The owner of the mark (is it your client?).

TESS is easy to use and will help you narrow your search.

Over 2.7 million active trademarks that have been registered, sought, or have expired within the previous six years are included in the TESS database. 
You can use the U.S. Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) at 
With TESS, you may immediately determine whether mark is eligible for registration and whether any competing marks have already been registered online for free on the USPTO website in English, French, or Spanish (

If you’re looking to search the US Patent and Trademark Office’s database, TESS is the best place to start.The TESS data is updated at least every business day so you can trust it will give you accurate results when conducting your search. If you’re using our trademark search tool directly at Rocket Lawyer or if you’re doing so through our website’s free service, we suggest starting there first before heading over to TESS.

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