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How can I check for US trademark registrations?

How to use trademark search to find out if your trademark is registered.

A USPTO trademark search is a way to find out if your trademark is registered. It works by searching for the mark you’re looking for across multiple sources of information, including:

  • Internet databases (like Google)
  • Trade directories (like LexisNexis)
  • Government records such as the US Patent and Trademark Office database

In addition to finding out whether or not your mark has been registered, it can be helpful in determining how many times it’s been used and where exactly those uses took place. For example, if someone else has already taken your name as part of theirs—for instance, “Apple” was once owned by R&D Inc., which later sold its rights to Apple Computer—you might want to consider changing yours too! You can also use this information when deciding whether or not it’s necessary for you own something like this; if there are already many people using similar names on social media platforms today (such as Facebook), then maybe now isn’t really ever going away because everyone else wants their version too!

You can find trademarks by searching USPTO’s Trademark Electronic Search System, a database of trademarks. You can search for trademarks online or through another process. You may also be able to find trademarks through a separate process free for one year.

You need to Register a Trademark Online or through another process to get access to the service.

You can register a trademark online or through another process to get access to the service. The only way to register a trademark is by submitting your trademark application through the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

You need to apply before you are able to use your mark in commerce, which means that if you want to put it on something like clothing that will be sold in stores, then you must have registered first.

You can get a search for free for one year but it will stop after that year.

You can get a free search for one year but it will stop after that time. After the first year, you will have to pay $10 per year to continue the search. If you are a small business, then you can get free registration searches for up to five years from date of filing (this does not apply if your trademark application is filed by someone else).

About the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office  The mission of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is to promote innovation by providing access to a system of intellectual property rights that provides a strong incentive for invention, reduces the likelihood of confusion, enhances consumer welfare, and strengthens American competitiveness. The patent system is an important tool in encouraging innovation because it allows inventors to obtain an exclusive right for a limited period to make, use or sell their inventions. This protects inventions from unauthorized use during their useful lives and enables inventors to recoup their costs as they see fit in terms of price or free exchange of goods or services with others. The trademark system also provides protection for distinctive trademarks which arIf you have a question about this post, please contact the Trademark Assistance Center by telephone at 301-492-8662.e

A trademark search can show you if someone else already has rights to the name you want to use for your business, so it’s not likely to be available for you.

To get started, visit the U.S. government’s Mark Electronic Search System (TESS) and look up “trademark” in the left-hand column under “Keyword.” Then click on “Search.”

If you start your own company, it might be good to register at least some of your business names through a separate process from your personal names or current business names so that they don’t conflict and create confusion.

You can register trademarks for your company by filing in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) with a trademark application, which includes goods or services that are identical or similar to those used by other companies in their products or services. The USPTO will then issue an official registration certificate once it receives all necessary information about the mark on file with them such as its name, address where goods/services were sold from etc…

To check if someone else has the specific name you want, you can use a trademark search at the U.S. government’s Trademark Electronic Search System, which is updated daily and covers all uspto registered and unregistered trademarks.

You’ll need to know what your desired mark is before entering it into TESS—the system will not accept any input until it knows what kind of mark you’re looking for!


Takeaway: The US government keeps a list of registered trademarks. If you want to get the best coverage for your trademark, register it through the U.S. Government’s Trademark Electronic System (USPTO) and receive an official federal trademark registration certificate that proves that you own a valid federally registered trademark.

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Section: You can use a trademark search at

Takeaway: You can use this website to find out if someone else is already using a name similar to the one you want to register as a mark or service mark for their business in all 50 states (or other countries). It will tell you who owns the right to use the name, and if they have any pending lawsuits against them, which means they might not be able to do something with your name unless they are successful in their legal action. This is especially important when registering “quasi-names”, such as “BOD” because this stands for Business of Death and could be seen by many people as an illegal business activity or as “death metal”.

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