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The large tyres and substantial deck of the HiBoy Titan PRO give the impression that it is a powerful and quick electric scooter. The stem is unusually thin, but the brake cable is a strong cable that is climbing up it. Only a few red accents on the tyres detract from the overall pleasing appearance of the substantial black electric scooter.

Although we have already stated that you can use this scooter for commuting, you should consider its weight: 62 pounds may be too heavy if you have to raise, fold, or carry the device frequently during the day.

The Titan PRO has protected from dust and water splashes thanks to its IP54 Waterproof certification. Contrary to popular belief, a scooter’s IP54 waterproof certification does not imply that it is completely waterproof or that riding in the rain is safe.


By pressing the button on the left side of your handlebar, you can decide whether to use one or both of the two units. When both are engaged, the hiboy titan pro electric scooter can travel up to 30 mph, which is much faster than the top speed allowed for electric scooters on city streets.

Disengaging the second motor is one method for limiting the maximum speed while using the speed modes is. You can tailor the scooter’s performance to your needs by selecting from three different speed levels. Slowing down can also be used to extend the distance.

Battery Life And Charging Time

A 18650 li-ion battery with a voltage of 48 V and 17.5 AH powers the HiBoy Titan Pro. Although there are several factors that could influence this statistic. It gives a 40-mile range (your weight, your riding style, the speed, the type of terrain).

However, there are ways to increase the distance as much as possible, such as riding more gently or simply slowing down (setting up a low-speed mode or disengaging one of the two motors).

Smaller startups are already filling the gap left by the larger insurers, who may be slow to adapt due to their use of very different methods for determining risk and setting premiums, deductibles, etc. Vroom is one such business that provides customised insurance for “anything you can drive, fly, or ride.”

Similar models have been adopted by other businesses like Zego, Laka, and Bikmo. As the popularity of personal electric scooters soars. This on-demand, the all-vehicles approach is sure to be popular with e-scooter riders.

The charging time is the main disadvantage of this electric scooter. A full charge takes nine hours from empty. It almost always needs to charged overnight. And if the battery is running low, you can’t just plug it in for an hour and be ready to go.

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Brake Overview

The HIBOY Titan’s handlebar is curved and has handgrips made of rubber as well as brake levers on either side. The handlebar of your electric scooter has all the controls you need to operate each component. But because it is so powerful and functional, there are many buttons and levers. So let’s proceed sequentially.

As previously stated, you have a brake lever on each side, immediately before your handgrips. You can use them similarly to your bike’s front and rear brakes.


The HiBoy Titan comes with big 10-inch tyres. They also have an anti-skid pattern that increases your sense of security. And comfort when travelling off-road and on slippery surfaces.

Off-road tyres produce noise and are overly bouncy when riding on level ground, which is an issue. Hiboy’s designers, on the other hand, have created a solution that provides comfort, security, and stability without compromising the riding experience on flat terrains thanks to its anti-skid material.


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