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Event registration platforms make the process of registration easy but with so many options available it gets difficult to find an event registration platform or software that is reasonably priced, simple to use, and adaptable enough to meet your event’s objectives.

We are listing the top 8 event registration for the in-person event that will enhance your process of registration for the next in-person event. 

In-Person Event platform For Registration 

If you are looking for a registration app for your next on-ground event here is the list of some popular platforms: 

1. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is an event registration platform that is popular among various industries. From seminars to corporate conferences it is used by all industries. Even while Eventbrite is well-recognized and simple to use, some event planners believe its costs are a little excessive.

Eventbrite makes it possible to plan and offer online registration for the in-person event.

Event planners may easily create registration forms and digital tickets for free or paid events using its user-friendly event registration tool by entering basic event details like the title, kind, and category.

2. TicketLeap 

If you are looking for a web-based platform for offering event registrations and ticketing then ticket leap can be perfect for you. The platform provides easy check-ins during the in-person event, effortless payment, and other promotional features for the events. The platform has a feature for customization of the registration form so organizers can create forms according to their event’s requirements. It also has scope for branding. 

3. EventX 

Event X is a perfect platform for managing events that includes event ticketing, RSVP management through Email, badge printing on-site, surveys, reporting, and more.

The platform offers templates that can help in creating and customizing event registration forms. You have the option to modify the form’s questions as well as the way it is designed using the platform’s user-friendly panel. The platform also offers email marketing through which you can send email invites, reminders, updates regarding the event, etc.  

4. Whova 

Whova is one of the most popular names in the event industry. 

Whova is an all-in-one event management platform that is preferred by most event marketers. With an online registration function for physical, hybrid, and virtual events it is becoming a huge part of event marketing. Offering one-day or multi-day passes, as well as special prices for early registrants or big groups, allows you to set up tickets and tailor registration. The platform also has a mobile event app that makes accessing all the data on the mobile. 

5. Constant Content 

Another platform that makes it to our list is constant content. The platform supports email marketing. With the help of constant content events, marketers can manage their email content, send event registration invites, and reminders, and keep a track of event registration. 

 If you are planning to manage your event through email then constant content can be the perfect platform for you. It helps in managing event marketing through email and makes the process of event registration easy through emails. 

6. Wild Apricot 

Wild Apricot is a platform that is suitable for all organizations and hosts numerous events each year. Event planners and organizers can use the platform to build an event listing that includes a registration form using its online event ticketing function. 

The platform offers features like the calendar to track events and encourage audience participants with engagement tools and notifications. The platform also handles the payment and on-site check-ins for on-ground events. Attendees can also get early bird coupons and discounts on the platform.

7. Splash 

Splash is another name on our list. It is the platform that allows easy registration and offers on-site check-in. This is the perfect platform to make the process of registration and check-in easy for hybrid, virtual and on-site events. Some marketers can find splash a little too pricy but for the service and features, they offer it is worth it. 

The most popular feature of the platform is a shareable registration card, event check-ins, ticket availability reminders, etc. 

8. Regpack 

Regpack is an easy-to-use platform that allows organizers to create a custom registration form for any event like a conference, trade show, webinar, etc. 

The platform allows integration with third-party apps and websites. And store all the necessary information on the cloud that is accessible all the time and is also available to download. But if you want to promote QR-based check-ins in your on-site events the platform doesn’t support that. It is flexible and supports mobile registration.  

The Bottom Line

Taking your in-person event digitally can have various benefits, for instance, it can attract more audience, it can help in managing and tracking events easily, and offering online ti through an event platform is the first step towards amping up your in-person event. 

Above mentioned platforms are perfect for event ticketing during an in-person event, they have different features and prices so you can make the checklist of your requirements and choose what is best for your event.

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