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Are you tired from a hard week at work? Do you want to escape your stressful and overwhelming day? Are you looking for a vacation? You don’t have enough time, but you do have a weekend to relax. 

We have your back, so don’t worry! The ideal vacation spot for you and your family is Pawna Lake of Lonavala, Maharashtra. This is a great place to take a weekend getaway. 

It’s close enough to Mumbai and Pune, but far enough away from the noise and pollution that you can still enjoy your vacation. This article will help you to understand all details and facts before you plan your escape. SW418 LOGIN (DASHBOARD) SABONG ONLINE USERNAME AND PASSWORD

Why choose Pawna over other camping sites?

When Pawna is suggested, this is the first question you ask. This destination is easily accessible from cities like Mumbai or Pune due to its proximity and connectivity. 

The Pawna of Lonavala is a beautiful place that has many forts, lakes, and waterfalls. It will also be home to picturesque hills. Camping at Pawna Lake is not only a great place to camp in, but also has many nearby attractions that are worth a visit. 

These include some impressive historic forts as well as some temples. This lake is also known for its outdoor activities. You can go paragliding, boating, and canoeing on the lake, as well as many other exciting adventures for adventure seekers.

You can breathe clean, fresh air thanks to the many trees and vegetation that surround the area. This is why Pawna is a great place to meditate. Meditation, which is supported by the world healthcare organization, can heal your mind and give you more energy and positivity. 

Pawna is a place of healing for many. Pure air will allow you to connect with nature, taking you far away from city lights and skyscrapers. Instead, you will be surrounded by millions of sparkling stars. The human body needs to be energized after a long work day. Pawna will show you similar results!

What should you take on this memorable trip?

When planning to camp at Pawna, the “things you need to bring” list should be a priority. These small but useful items will make your camping experience a lot more enjoyable. Don’t worry! 

This article will take a minimalistic approach to your luggage and keep it light. Although baggage is best when it’s light, the following items are essential for camping grounds.

Your photo ID is the first thing you need. You should always have your government-issued photo ID with you when planning a vacation. It’s something we all know, but it seems strange not to mention it. First aid is the next thing to do. First aid must include all medications such as paracetamol and pain relievers, water treatment tablets, paracetamol and pain relievers, vitamin A, antibiotic creams, bandages, gauze, and vitamins. 

These items are specifically designed to help you in a camping situation. Comfortable, yet durable footwear is essential for trekking. Other things include a water bottle with enough capacity, sunscreen lotion, repellent, and your camera.

You must see and do these activities in Pawna

Depending on what you want and how long you intend to stay, the way you plan your trip will vary. We have discussed a few things you should do when visiting Pawna.

Paragliding above the lake- This activity is a must-do and something you should experience. It is surreal to see the lake and surrounding areas from high up.

The Tung Fort is a moderately difficult trek that will give you an incredible view of Pawna lake. This fort is also known as Kathingard and it means difficult climbing.

Other places worth visiting include Lohagad Fort and Torna Fort. Karla Caves also offers mind-blogging scenic views.

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