Emma Tokyo Revengers

Who is Mikey’s sister in Tokyo Revengers?

Sano Ema?) is Mikey ‘s half-sister and Izana Kurokawa ‘s younger sister. Emma has long light hair and eyes. In her introduction, she wore a school uniform. ↑ Tokyo Revengers Manga: Chapter 148 .

What is the heroic story in Tokyo Revengers?

Her heroic story (or failure story): On her first day of enrollment, all the students were afraid of her because she is Sano’s younger sister. Her favorite spot is the Shibuya Dogenzaka Neighborhood. ↑ Tokyo Revengers Manga: Chapter 148 .

What kind of person is Emma in the manga?

Hinata notes that Emma is at heart a pure romanticist who wants her love to succeed, and is a very kind girl at heart who worries about others despite trying to maintain a more composed demeanor. Skills Trivia. According to the official character book: Her image color is between red and pink (Magenta). She likes fortune-telling and cosmetics.

What happened to Emma in Tokyo Ghoul?

She is protective of Hina and follows the orders to protect her. Ordered by Izana, Emma gets attacked by Kisaki and killed. Mikey in his despite attempt to save his sister carries her to the hospital on his back when she utters her final request for him to tell Draken that she loves him and for Takemichi to take care of Mikey.


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Emma Sano | Tokyo Revengers Wiki – Fandom

Emma Sano (佐野 (さの) エマ, Sano Ema?) was a middle school student. She was the younger half-sister of Shinichiro and Manjiro and the adoptive younger …

Emma Sano (Synopsis) | Tokyo Revengers Wiki – Fandom

Emma is the youngest of the Sano siblings, and the younger sister to Izana …

Emma Sano -Tokyo Revengers (WIKI) – Quote The Anime

Emma Sano’s voice actress on the Tokyo Revengers anime adaptation is Yumi Uchiyama who voiced several notable characters such as Arrow from Fire Force, Rudeus …

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I’m going to talk about Emma Sano Tokyo Revengers, a pretty and kawaii character, in my opinion. Are some interesting facts about Emma Tokyo revengers.

Emma Sano | Anime, Tokyo, Anime films – Pinterest

Emma Sano hanging out at the park with Hinata, Takemitchy, and the rest of the Toman gang. Tokyo Revengers anime wallpaper.

How Does Emma Die in Tokyo Revengers? (& Will She Be Back?)

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Discover short videos related to emma tokyo revengers on TikTok. Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #emmatokyorevengers, #emmatokyorevenger, …

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Emma Sano (Tokyo Revengers) – MyAnimeList.net

Emma Sano (佐野 エマ). Birthday: November 25, 1991. Age: 13-14 (past) Height: 150 cm. Blood Type: B She is Ryuguji Ken’s girlfriend.

Emma Voice – Tokyo Revengers (TV Show)

Emma. Carrie Keranen is the English dub voice of Emma in Tokyo Revengers, and Yumi Uchiyama is the Japanese voice. TV Show: Tokyo …

Emma Sano – MyWaifuList

Emma Sano. 180. 10. Emma Sano. Original Name. 佐野 エマ. Romaji Name. Sano Emma. Appears In. Tokyo Revengers. Place of Origin. Age. Date of Birth.

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Explore emmasano ; Tokyo Revengers – Emma Sano Fanart · RaitVisualWorks’s avatar · RaitVisualWorks · 10 ; Tokyo Revengers · Hachiya-B’s avatar · Hachiya-B.

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Emma Sano Headcanons. Since today is Emma’s birthday, I wanted to write some random headcanons I have of her <3. (Manga Spoilers).

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High quality Emma Tokyo Revengers-inspired gifts and merchandise. T-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more, designed and sold by independent …

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