Emergency Tooth Extraction And Suggestions From An Out Of Hour Dentist

Tooth Extraction

Do you think you need an emergency tooth extraction? If the answer is yes then you better not skip this blog post. Here we will be discussing about emergency tooth extraction as well as the basics of emergency dental services. Thus the blog post is expected to help you take informed decisions at those crucial moments when those are needed the most.

As a matter of fact there exist very few things that are more frightening than when you need an emergency dental service beyond the usual business hours. There are plenty of healthcare services in London that operate 24 hours round the clock. But compared to that the chance of finding a dentist open at 02:00 hours is pretty bleak. There is no point in panicking either. Therefore, the best way out is arm yourself with the right knowledge before getting into that situation.

What should you do in case you think that you need an emergency tooth extraction? Here are few practical tips.

First determine whether your case is ‘urgent’

Although the problem may put you in severe discomfort but as such it may not be an emergency dental problem. In fact most of this type of oral health cases does not come under the category of emergency treatment at all. But that does not mean that you have to falsely assume that the problem is nothing much and pretend everything is fine. In that case you can only have the problem turn more and more acute. Therefore you need to make out in the first place whether the problem you are facing actually needs emergency care and treatment. But how can you do that? You have not been trained in dentistry!

Let us first understand what an emergency is in the world of oral health.

Understanding dental emergency

If you experience bleeding from your oral cavity that will not stop then that might require an emergency dental service. Cases of emergency tooth extraction, knocked out permanent tooth, injury to the jaw, severe toothache, swelling around the jaw or gum line are all symptoms of dental emergency. If you ever come across any of these conditions then you must see your dentist right away.

Modern dentistry has improved a lot to retain a knocked out tooth. But proper treatment has to start within half an hour from the incident. Therefore in such conditions it is important to reach out to the nearest dental practice within the earliest possible time frame.

Non emergency dental conditions

There are certain dental conditions that are considered as non emergency. Although at least some of those conditions can put you in serious discomfort but still you can probably wait till the dentist can find a vacant slot to fit your appointment in. These conditions include the following –

  • A lost filling, crown or bridge is a problem that can wait.
  • A dull toothache that gives you a nasty pain but certainly not life threatening. In this case you can take a pain relief medicine that is available over the counter at drugstores or supermarkets. It will help easing the pain and discomfort.
  • Even a partially broken or cracked tooth can wait till the dentist is free to see you.
  • Food particle bad gets stuck in the tooth during middle of the night. You may try out with floss. If that does not work then you should better wait till the dentist’s office opens next day.
  • As such the problem of damaged or lost mouth guard or retainer is more of annoyance and cannot be considered as dental emergency under any circumstance.

Effective remedies at home when you need an emergency tooth extraction

  • Even though emergency tooth extraction is always considered as dental emergency here are few tried and tested remedies you may try out at home. It will help you get the much needed relief from pain and discomfort although may not resolve the problem.
  • Take a teaspoon of normal table salt and dissolve it in a cup of hot water. This is your mouthwash. The solution kills many harmful bacteria and germs present in the mouth. Rinse the mouth well with it to reduce swelling and get relief from irritation.
  • If you have one of teeth completely knocked out, handle it by its crown or head. Do not touch the base or root of the tooth. if possible wash it mildly in normal or cold water. Make sure to use no other solution or no warm water. Then try to place it back in its socket. If that is not possible then drop the tooth in a cup of cold water or cold milk to carry it to an emergency dentist.
  • If there is pain and discomfort around a particular tooth then chance is high something is stuck there. Remember that flossing often helps dislodging such stuck particles and give you relief.
  • A cold compress is a magical remedy to cure swelling and stop bleeding from the mouth. Moreover it makes the affected area inside the mouth numb to some extent. Thus you feel lesser discomfort and pain at least for the time being.
  • Swish the mouth with hydrogen peroxide. It is a great medicine to alleviate oral pain and discomfort. But make sure not to swallow it.

When you need an emergency tooth extraction but lack dental insurance coverage

The situation can really be scaring on two occasions. You need an emergency tooth extraction but you are nowhere near a regular dentist or you lack a dental insurance coverage. Thankfully there are means to get out of these kinds of situation. Search online for discount dental plans or dental membership programme near you. The do your homework carefully and select an option that caters to your unique requirements. On the other hand if there is any dental school near your location you should see whether they schedule an emergency appointment with you. Obviously a student will be working on you but that will be supervised by faculty members who are themselves skilled and experienced dentists. In case none of the above options works then search for free clinics or health centres in and around your area. As far as any emergency dental treatment is concerned, the problem is the longer you wait the worse the problem will turn. You will be suffering more as well as experiencing more pain and finally end up spending more to resolve the problem. Emergency tooth extraction is no exception says a renowned out of hour emergency dentist in London. In such cases patients also usually require undergoing more work.

For every dental treatment – big or small – the key is to find a dentist who you can trust. If you do not feel comfortable with your dentist then that is a reason major enough you should better look for a better alternative.

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