Different Damages Which Can End Up Failing Your Vehicle in the MOT Test

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The numerous benefits we seek to gain from a vehicle and MOT Test are on account of its ability to deliver the best results. If the condition of the vehicle is not alright, it will fail to make the performance we want it to. One must focus on the performance of the vehicle if one wants to ensure that it continues to deliver the best results for a long time.


By looking at the telling signs of damage, one will be able to understand the extent of damage MOT Northampton and also create the best strategy for maintenance and care. For the vehicle to function well, it needs to be in good condition.

The easiest way to ensure that your vehicle is in good condition is by subjecting it to regular rounds of maintenance. Care and maintenance for the vehicle are vital if one expects it to deliver good results for a long time.

Since maintenance for the vehicle is easily done through car services, one should make sure that they undertake the effort regularly. By simply setting a regular maintenance schedule for your car, you will be able to alleviate any faults and damages that are making your vehicle lack in its deliverables.

Step 2:

When you devote enough time and care to the maintenance of your vehicle, you will be able to make considerable progress in its overall performance. Another way in which experts determine the performance of your vehicle and ensure that it does not create more issues for the user, in the long run, is through an MOT test. An MOT test is a compulsory test that all vehicles must clear if they wish to drive on the road. An MOT test can be quite tricky to clear if one is not careful.

Step 3:

However, if you want to save yourself from scheduling an MOT test again and again, simply get a car service right before your MOT test. This way, the mechanic will ensure that there are no issues with your vehicle that could become a cause for failure. The most common kinds of damages that can become the reason for you failing your MOT test are as follows:

The lights are vital to the safety of the vehicle. They help your vehicle look at the road completely and also become a sign for its safety. If the vehicle does not have lights or any issues plague the lights, it will definitely result in the performance of the vehicle. Therefore, one must make sure that they undertake the proper steps to do away with the issues of front lights, rear lights and lights in the dashboard.

Step 4:

The windscreen is very important to the vehicle’s structure. Not only does it provide safety from the elements, but it also ensures that the passengers and driver can look onto the road without any difficulty. If there is any damage covering the windscreen, it will end up reflecting badly on the condition of the vehicle. Therefore, one must make sure that there is no damage measuring more than 20mm on the driver’s end of the windscreen.

Step 5:

The environmental implications of your vehicle are major and can prove to be extremely detrimental. As such, the purpose of the MOT test is to evaluate how much your vehicle is impacting the environment by testing the exhaust. If the presence of toxic chemicals is heavy, the MOT inspector will fail your vehicle. In order to check the same, he will run the engine. So, if your vehicle does not have enough fuel to check the same, the vehicle will automatically fail the MOT test.

Step 6:

The tyres are extremely important to the performance of the vehicle. If there are any issues in the performance of the tyres, the vehicle will naturally will fail the MOT test. The tyres should not have any punctures or bulges. Additionally, if the tread depth of the tyres is below its minimum limit, the vehicle will also fail its MOT test. One must ensure that there are no structural and internal damages to the vehicle to clear the MOT test.

The brakes are necessary to protect the safety of the vehicle. If there are any issues with the brakes of the vehicle, the MOT inspector will immediately fail the vehicle. One should ensure that they subject their brakes to a thorough inspection before heading to their MOT test. Any inconsistency with the brake pads, rotor or wiring system of the brakes will result in the failure of the vehicle in the MOT test.


These are just some of the things one can be mindful of when heading for their MOT test.

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