Top 7 Tips To Design Professional Custom Frozen Food Boxes

Top 7 Tips To Design Professional Custom Frozen Food Boxes

In the United States, Frozen food production is expected to cross the $44 billion mark in 2023. Frozen food products have changed tremendously over the years, both in terms of quality and taste. Food packaging is one of the most crucial elements that play a key role in a brand’s success in retail and online stores. The purpose of food packaging is to maintain the inner product’s integrity and to protect it from external factors. When it comes to food packaging, the first name that comes to mind is Custom frozen food boxes.

In this article, we will explain how you can design adequate professional frozen food packaging in USA.

Packaging that protects food items

The primary goal of every product packaging is to protect the inner product. For frozen food items, you need such kind of packaging that could preserve their taste and authenticity. Most importantly, the packaging must ensure that the product stays safe throughout the course of its journey from producer to consumer. 

Personalized frozen food boxes can withstand all sorts of pressure. From shipping to transit and stores to shelves, the right packaging can guarantee products’ safety every step of the way. When designing frozen packaging, make sure you use the best quality raw material. Boxes made of the best materials have an extended lifespan and the best performance. 

Packaging design that speaks for itself

One study suggests that product packaging influence 36% of purchase decisions. Design plays the most important role in creating eye-catching packaging. You can make frozen food box packaging attractive by incorporating innovative design techniques.

It is noteworthy to mention that 90% of newbies in the food sector fail because they don’t come up with a proper packaging strategy. 

The product alone cannot make your brand successful. Alongside a delicious frozen item, you need well-designed packaging.

Fleshy and unique frozen food boxes can help customers distinguish your brand from the rest. Brand identity, ingredient information, and a user guide can go along the packaging, making it easy for customers to make purchase decisions.

Material that suits the product

Custom Frozen Food Boxes
Custom Frozen Food Boxes

With all-time high inflation, food prices have gone insane, disrupting the global and local food industry. In the wake of this, food companies are looking for sustainable packaging solutions. Customized packaging offers an affordable solution, allowing food items to stay fresh for a long time. The most widely used materials for Frozen foods packaging include Tin Cans, Cardboard Boxes, Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), Polyethylene (PE), and Plastics.

For secondary packaging, however, you can use cardboard boxes, corrugated or kraft boxes. These materials are not only cost-effective but eco-friendly and durable. 

Adopt Compact packaging 

Nowadays, supermarkets are jampacked with frozen food items. Refrigerators at markets and even in homes have very limited space. This can pose another challenge: how to adjust so many food packages in a limited space. This enigma can be solved by making custom food boxes as compact as possible. Make sure you eliminate any extra space inside the packages, enabling them to cover minimal space in stores and containers.

Use Kraft paper packaging.

Kraft paper packaging is making waves across the frozen food industry. Furthermore, Kraft paper is known for its high density, eco-friendliness, and tough properties, making it a useful material for frozen food packaging. Kraft paper can be processed with the help of the latest technologies. This process enhances its strength, density, and useability. In addition to that, this process allows kraft paper to attain grease and moisture resistance properties. Food companies are excessively using Kraft packaging in packaging, thanks to modifications. On top of everything, Kraft material is easily accessible and biodegradable.

Packaging that creates the brand’s unique identity

People will buy your products with closed eyes if you are offering something others don’t. Packaging is the primary mean of creating a brand’s awareness and image in people’s minds. Custom-designed food boxes help create a unique image of your brand, allowing people to spot your products in no time. Additionally, frozen food box packaging carries all vital information about the product and the brand. This makes sure your customers get all information before making a buying decision. 

Add-ons are must-haves

No product packaging is complete without add-ons. Techniques such as embossing, debossing, and hot foil stamping are crucial in enhancing the overall appeal of custom packaging. These techniques can help you to incorporate graphic elements and branding on frozen food boxes. When placed in supermarkets, custom-made food boxes can easily attract customers’ attention. In simple words, customized packaging is far more effective than conventional packaging, thanks to customization features.


The frozen food industry is a highly competitive sector. In order to survive and sustain in fierce competition, you must adopt the right packaging strategy. Suffice to say, without an effective packaging solution, a frozen food brand is unlikely to succeed. As mentioned earlier, 90% of newly started businesses fail just because of poor packaging. On the other hand, food brands that sell their products in personalized packaging take home huge profits. Lastly, if you have decided to opt for custom packaging, choose wholesale frozen food boxes. Thank us later! 

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