Daily eye care routine

Daily eye care routine

Cosmetic care of the eye contour should be a priority from the age of 25 to keep the skin elastic and mitigate dark circles, bags and wrinkles. Discover how to take care of the eye contour area!

The skin that protects the eye contour is very thin (between 0.35 and 0.5 mm) and its epidermis has few sebaceous and sweat glands. In turn, the collagen fibers , the elastin  and the hypodermis (the part between the dermis and the muscle) are very delicate and have hardly any fat (unlike other parts of the face).
All these factors are what cause the typical effects such as dark circles, bags and wrinkles . Therefore, we must follow a daily routine of basic care for the eye contour that includes: cleaning, good hydration and nutrition.

Daily routine for eye contour care

You should know that maintaining a daily cleaning routine is one of the crucial points in the entire process of caring for the skin around the eyes. Here are some tips and what steps you should take to keep the skin around your eyes as healthy and young as possible.

1. Cleanse and remove make-up

  • If you usually put on daily make -up , don’t forget to use a predominantly oily biphasic eye make-up remover that you will apply with a cotton ball to remove the mascara in a gentle movement towards the outside of the eye.
  • For the eyelid area, we will use a “2 in 1” cleansing lotion that we can also use to clean the entire face.
  • On the eyelids we will always avoid products that are too dense and with perfumes that could irritate the eyes. The ideal is to use a very light preparation, in emulsion or gel, which have the advantage of being absorbed quickly when put on the skin.

2. Hydrate and nourish

We must apply the cream in small amounts (as if it were a grain of rice) and always in the area where the bone ends, never on the skin that is on the upper or inner eyelashes, since it can cause irritation or cream enters you. the eye.

Remember that it is not necessary to spread the cream, as we normally do on the rest of the face, but simply dabbing with the fingertips (from the inside out) on the area involved is enough to activate the circulation of that area. area.

To finish these basic eye contour care, we remind you that this type of cosmetics are not suitable for use at night , unless indicated on the packaging. The reasons are that during the night, the eyelid retains water and can cause the formation of bags , or that due to the tearing that occurs when we sleep, some cream can enter the eye.

At what age should you start using an eye contour cream?

The skin around the eyes dries out very easily because it contains little natural covering emulsion, together with excessive exposure to the sun, cold, wind or pollution. For this reason, it is recommended to start using the eye contour at an early age, from approximately 25 years of age . Only in this way will it be possible to maintain smooth skin and there will be many more possibilities of preventing skin defects from appearing.

The role that the eyes play within our body is key to the proper performance of our daily tasks. For this reason, a review from time to time is advisable to avoid possible ailments or vision problems .

What you should know:

  • Cosmetic care of the eye contour should be a priority from the age of 25 to keep the skin elastic and mitigate, or if possible avoid, dark circles, bags and wrinkles.
  • The essential cares are: rigorous but gentle cleansing, and good hydration and nutrition.
  • Cosmetics should be applied in small amounts of product (droplets like grains of rice) in the areas where the bone ends around the eye socket.
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