Curious whether a blog can make money or not?

Can blogs make money ? This question may often be heard by bloggers. To answer this question, carefully read this review to the end.

Can Blogs Make Money?

Often the laity always question whether a blog can make money or not. However, there are actually many sources of income from blogs, such as endorsements to Google Adsense.

However, to make a profit from blogs, it takes a long process and the blogs are written of superior quality. In addition, there is one way to develop a blog, namely by improving the quality in Search Engine Optimization.

This is a form of effort from the blog owner to make the website or blog page have a high ranking in the Google search engine. Maybe this time the question why should google? Because this search engine is the most widely used throughout the world.

So it can be said that SEO is needed for optimization so that more visitors will be on the blog that you create. What’s more, to increase visitors, in addition to using SEO, you can also use backlink services.

This backlink is an important part that still exists in SEO , especially for off-page websites. The way it works is optimizing links that can lead to content from other web sites.

It can also be said that this backlink service is the value of trusting other people’s websites to your blog. Quality service categories can be obtained from trusted websites with evidence of complete quality content.

Requirements for Blogs to Earn

After briefly discussing whether blogs can make money, then it is important to discuss the conditions so that blogs can become a source of income. However, there are actually various things that need to be considered in order to get a quality blog and become a source of income.

One way is to use a platform that has been frequently visited and widely known by the general public. Then always regularly to create various kinds of interesting but weighty content.

In a sense, every content created can provide many benefits for others, for example in the form of knowledge or other beneficial information. Basically, quality and useful content is able to answer in outline and in detail an existing problem.

In addition, interesting content can also be taken from a different point of view or is still not on any website. You can make your personal website special with unique topics.

Another requirement is to improve the quality of SEO in order to support your page to become more known and crowded. It can even promote blogs on social media to build the curiosity level of the audience.

This is one way to make your blog appear on Google, because the more you know, the more visitors you will get. That way it’s easier for your page to get the highest ranking.

In addition, if it is already known to many people, then we must maintain the trust of loyal readers. Therefore, consistency is needed in maintaining the quality of the blog and continuing to regularly create new pages or blogs.

For that, you can also include a column of criticism and suggestions from various parties to further support the development of the blog.

How Do Bloggers Make Money?

After reviewing in more detail starting from whether a blog can make money to the conditions, of course it will not be complete if you don’t know how. The following will explain some of the ways to be able to benefit through blogs.

Blog Monetization Through Google Adsense

As mentioned earlier, the sources of making money on blogs are very diverse. One of them is through Google Adsense which is obtained by displaying ads on your page.

Later the ads that will be displayed can be adjusted according to what is reviewed on the page.

Basically, Google adsense is just one way to answer whether a blog can make money or not. It is necessary to note that Adsense here is a platform related to advertising run by Google.

However, to get Google Adsense, bloggers must register first. The trick is to create an account and then continue the login process using personal gmail.

Later when the blog has been registered, one of the signs is that the earning menu appears or known as income. It is also necessary to know, if the condition for receiving a blog on Google Adsense is that it has interesting content.

In addition, it must also have high-quality and original content or the absence of plagiarism elements. then the number of visitors to the blog is also another consideration.

Requirements for bloggers are at least 18 years old. What’s more, any content that is registered with Google adsense must not contain adult content or prohibited content.

Later, if you have registered, then Google Adsense will give you a royalty every time a visitor clicks on an ad.

Embedding Affiliate Links in Blog Content

The next way bloggers make money is by embedding affiliate links on blog content. Basically, affiliate marketing is an easy way to earn money on a blog.

Maybe it can be explained simply if this method is almost similar to sponsored content. Where, you simply write articles that can benefit partners.

That way, later the blog owner can earn a commission every time a visitor makes a purchase through the link. It is important to note that the nominal commissions earned are of course different.

This can be adjusted based on the provisions or SOPs in the company. Generally, the commission given is 25 percent to 70 percent.

Sponsored Posts

Furthermore, money can also be obtained from sponsored posts. When your blog has high enough traffic, of course there will be many sponsors who want to collaborate.

This is one of the easy and lucrative ways to get income from a blogger. When applying this method, the blog owner will be paid by the sponsor to publish the article.

In this way, the company or the sponsor will be able to benefit in the form of increasing the number of customers. However, whether or not to cooperate with sponsors, this depends on mutual agreement.

Guest Post

Maybe most bloggers are still struggling to increase website traffic. However, all conveniences can be obtained considering the development of today’s technology.

One of the efforts to increase website traffic can indeed be done using the assistance of the Guest Post. This media is specially designed for promotion and makes it easy to increase visitors.

This Guest Post has been known to have a system in the form of making it easy for a blogger to be able to post articles on a particular website. Therefore, the Guest Post is considered very beneficial for the author.

This is because it can reduce advertising costs which are often a blogger’s complaint. In addition, the way of branding with this method is quite effective to do.

In fact, this method can also benefit both parties. Where the party who uses this service gets branding, so that the article can be better known.

As for the service provider, it is getting content to be posted, so that it can fulfill periodic posts and can maintain the trust of readers.

Build Your Own Brand & Sell Your Products

Still reviewing more deeply about whether blogs can make money or not, actually profits can also be obtained from product sales. Often bloggers also trade their own products.

Generally, these products are in the form of books or other types of goods that still have something to do with blogging activities. However, this is considered to be one of the most profitable ways.

Why is that? Because you can market your own products through a personal blog. In addition, the products sold will not be subject to margin, of course this is different if you sell them through a consignment system at a store.

Sell ​​Services/Services According to Skill

Money from blogs can also be obtained based on the sale of services. As is the case with website creation services, articles, graphic design and other services according to your skills.

However, one of the tips that must be considered is when you want to offer services, it would be much better if you create sustainable content. One example is when you want to offer travel services, a blog that can be created is about destinations or tours.

Make a Blog a Content Marketing Tool for Your Business

To answer your curiosity regarding how to make money from a blog, that is by making it a content marketing tool. It’s easier, when you have a business, you can create a blog containing a business or product.

However, one of the things that is really tested in this method is the level of creativity of a blogger. When you are able to produce interesting content, your blog will often be visited by visitors.

That way, the potential of the product or business that is being run can be more easily recognized by many people. But vice versa, when you are not good at creating content then the potential to get visitors is considered small.

Share Infographics

The last part to answer whether blogs can make money is by sharing infographics. This method is also considered as an attractive promotional media and is easy to remember by most people.

In general, infographics that are widely distributed in the mass media provide complete information and are described in a very clear way. Therefore, all kinds of messages that want to be conveyed can be more easily accepted by the reader or audience.

In fact, there are also various other requirements when you want to create an infographic. For example, in terms of content, it must be interesting, because it is supported by a combination of text, images, graphics, illustrations, and typography.

When all these components have been met, automatically the information can be understood more quickly and also directly conveyed to the point.


In the end, information related to whether blogs can make money , of course you have found the answer above, which is very possible, even obtained from various sources and also easy to do. Therefore, the existence of this review is a high hope so that you can make the best use of the blog or even earn a lot of income.

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