Crucial things more about same day agra tour by car

same day agra tour by car

The same day agra tour by car is a great way to see the city and get the feel for the local culture and it is also a great way of experiencing the city while getting to know the people of the city. The package includes a transfer from Delhi to Agra, sightseeing, and all the tickets for the attractions.


We all must bring out, but that doesn’t suggest we need to devour a piece of luck. Then the trip includes a private car transfer and a full guided tour. And if you like that, what would you see, and then you can book the package again.

same day agra tour by car

About Agra city and the taj mahal 


Once you are in Agra, you will be greeted by the executive who will provide you with the plan for the day. And then the government-approved guide will take you on a visit to the monument of love, the Taj Mahal. This beautiful white monument will leave you amazed with its charm and beauty.


The monument is all about love and grandeur, and you will be provided with all the interesting information about the Taj Mahal. Keep your phone in silent mode to avoid distractions as you see the monument. And the Taj mahal is closed for public viewing on Friday.


 Information about Agra fort


After seeing the Taj Mahal, you can visit Agra fort which is a sister monument of the Taj. It has a museum that contains several items from the ancient era. This beautiful monument was constructed by the Mughal ruler Akbar in 1565.


Some other buildings which are located inside the fort are Musamman Burj, Moti masjid, etc.., shah Jahan was kept inside the musanman and this is the place where he breathed his last. Eating and drinking are restricted inside the fort.


Baby Taj 


Tomb of Itimad- up – daulah is also known as baby Taj is a popular tourist place in Agra. It is a forerunner of the Taj Mahal. And it contains the tomb of Mirza Ghiyaz beg. Then the place holds a religious value and a lot of rules. In case there is a moment on hand you can buy the Taj Mahal souvenir and carry it back home as a remembrance of this wonderful trip.


About the India gate 



India gate is one of the war memorials that  thethriveglobal  commemorate 70000 soldiers of the British Indian army, who perished in the first world war. Under the 42-meter-high archway stands another memorial, Amar Jawan Jyoti, which is built in memory of the soldiers who lost their lives in the liberation of the Bangladesh war in 1971.


The eternal flame burns day and night. The good news is that there are many eateries and shopping places around the Rajpath. And they have a refreshing plate of spicy biryani from the Andhra bhavan which is located about 800 m from the India gate and also brought souvenirs from the streets.



Raj ghat 


On the same day agra tour by car raj ghat one of the memorials dedicated to the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Situated on the banks of a river in the Yamuna. And the memorial is marked by the black marble platform standing amidst a beautiful park. It is the spot where Gandhi was cremated in 1948.





With the visit, that visit can make its way towards Delhi as an amazing heritage journey. Once in Delhi, there is a bit of shopping in Connaught place, which is one of the top shopping destinations in the capital, before being homeward bound. And don’t wait for the further starting of the plan of your trip right away because, in the end, we regret the trips that we didn’t take.

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