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Bridgestone Tyres
Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone Tyres is one of the major tyre manufacturers in the world, and its brand is famous all over the globe. The corporation is the industry leader in the production of passenger cars, off-road automobiles, four-wheel-drive vehicles, trucks, as well as buses. In addition to that, it serves the aviation and agriculture industries. Italy is the location of the brand’s research and development (R&D) centre. The Bridgestone Tyres Milton Keynes,  come under a wide variety of different brand names.

This company’s tyres all come equipped with a technology called Run Flat, which is their most notable characteristic. Even after suffering a puncture, a vehicle can continue travelling for up to 50 kilometres because of this feature.

The firm also implements retread Technology, which is another element that you can find in its products. It begins by removing the tread from the worn tyre before replacing it with a new one using vulcanization. Because of this attribute, the tyre is cost-effective. The manufacturer assures that their product will reduce fuel consumption while maintaining excellent handling and security attributes.

The Summer Tyre Turanza T001 guarantees the following features and benefits:

  • Reduced frictional force when rolling.
  • Maximum grip with exceptional wet-weather stability
  • A ride that is both smooth and peaceful
  • Exclusive Tread Shape to provide the highest possible level of performance
  • Extended Service Life

The noise suppression on the tyre is a five-pitch system. The noise inside the tread pattern’s chambers also serves to regulate the frequency of sound waves. When the rain starts to fall, you can rely on the innovative Nano Pro-TechTM tread composition to keep you steady and secure.

  • Summer Tyres Potenza
  • Excellent adhesion to the road surface
  • Crisp Response from the Steering
  • Exceptional Mastery of the Wet
  • Maximum Traction When Turning Corners

When it comes to cornering, the asymmetrical stiff tread pattern that is on Potenza tyres provides the highest possible level of control and steadiness.

The GUTTII simulation included in SOOl greatly lessens the possibility of aquaplaning.

Traction and stopping power are also increased thanks to the block sipes. The sidewall of the tyre has a sizable block that is sturdy. When turning corners, it bears the majority of the weight. As a direct consequence of this, the handling in both wet and dry situations is superb car tyres Milton Keynes.

  • Summer Tyres Ecopia
  • Environment friendly
  • Efficient in the Use of Fuel (Improved by 5.7%*)
  • 5.8% less carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions

In producing the Ecopia tyre composition, cutting-edge reinforcing particle innovation and silica are in use. This assists in reducing these elements without negatively impacting efficiency in any way. The manufacturers use Bridgestone’s innovative Nano-Pro TechTM in the manufacturing process to produce the Ecopia Compound II. Because of this, even greater quantities of silica may be in use to inhibit the formation of heat more. As a consequence, the rolling resistance reduces even more.

  • Summer Tyres Dueler
  • Improved design for the tread pattern 
  • Puncture danger is lower when there is a lower void ratio.
  • Resilient tread compound against cuts and chips
  • The ideal compromise between pliability to avoid cuts and toughness to prevent ripping and flaking
  • Better resistance, as well as increased longevity

Narrower shoulder lugs, together with a modified shoulder block form, will result in less noise and uneven wear.

Tyres of the Bridgestone Dueler Mud Terrain range are self-cleaning, meaning that they remove mud from the surface in an effective manner. These are the primary configurations available for Bridgestone Tyres.

Are you unsure which one to purchase? 

Don’t be anxious. We would be happy to assist you in choosing new tyres and fitting them into your vehicle as part of the procedure of installing new tyres. Simply give us a call. What exactly are you looking forward to?

Are you seeking to buy Run Flat Tires for your automobile?

The use of run-flat technology is on the increase once again. A few years ago, it appeared that the term “Runflats” was losing favour. However, in recent times, there has been an increase in the market share.

Owing to run-flat tyres (also RFT or Run-On-Flat), drivers no longer need to carry along a spare wheel. The possibility of getting into an accident because of a flat tyre is not a worry, and neither are the risks involved with changing a wheel on the side of the roadway. The driver may not even be aware that his tyre is malfunctioning if the vehicle comes with run-flat tyres.

How exactly does one go about using the “Runflat” principle?

When a “regular” tyre drops air, the side walls progressively compress till only the deflated side walls remain between the rim and the ground. During the process of rolling without air, the material undergoes intense heating, which causes the elements of the carcass to become appropriately loosened.

On the other hand, if you have run-flat tyres, you will be able to continue driving even if the pressure in the tyres drops. To guarantee this, two guiding concepts are in use:

There is extra protection for the walls on the sides. This indicates that a vehicle tyre does not experience compression even when it is not filled with air.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of using run-flat tyres?

Because of the run-flat technology, it can go to the subsequent repair shop without encountering any difficulties. It is no longer necessary to bring along a cumbersome spare tyre. There is no need to do a tyre change (perhaps at night and in the rain).

However, this comes at a little higher price and contributes to a larger overall weight, which is both drawbacks. Additionally, because of the need for an air pressure management system, run-flat tyres are not compatible with all automobile models. If this does not occur, the driver may not realise that the tyre is low on pressure. It should come as no surprise that this is risky. Despite this, more and more motorists are opting for run-flat tyres as a means of improving their vehicles’ overall level of safety.

If you are seeking affordable Runflat tyres, you may compare models from a variety of companies, as well as measurements, on our website, where you can also place an order at a low cost.


Keep in mind that only trained professionals should adjust Runflats.

You need to have the appropriate knowledge to successfully draw a run-flat tyre onto the rim of the wheel. For instance, because of the hardening, the side walls of these specialised tyres are less pliable than the side walls of standard tyres. This is because regular tyres do not undergo stiffening. In the event of faulty assembly, there is a risk of the material suffering internal injuries. This might result in an unanticipated and potentially hazardous tear in the tyre. It may take just a split second for your brand-new, pricey tyre to lose all value.

Many of our clients have switched to us after having bad experiences at other tyre shops when inexperienced workers ruined their tyres and wheels with brute force and inadequate equipment.

You truly do not need to be afraid while you’re here with us. We have the right equipment and we know how to utilise it.

As you can see, there is a great deal of information available on our website. Whatever it is that you need, you will probably be able to get it here at our facilities.

Please get in touch with us if there is a certain make or model of tyre that you are looking for but are unable to locate for any reason. We also provide Mobile Tyre Fitting Milton Keynes

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