Best Places To Visit In Paris France

Best Places To Visit In Paris France
Best Places To Visit In Paris France

It is rightly said for this fashion capital: Paris is not a city, it’s a world. Besides, this wonderful city is also called the city of lights or the city of love. So, if you are planning to spend the next few days or weeks here and are not sure about parts of the city to explore, you need not worry as we have got your back.

As France tops the list of the most visited nations on earth every year, most tourist destinations are overbooked. Therefore, it becomes imperative that you meticulously planned beforehand – specifically your Schengen visa hotel bookings.

At the end of this article, you’ll learn how you can buy verifiable hotel bookings or proof of accommodation from a trusted supplier.

Best Places to Visit in Paris – The Louvre Museum

If Paris is the art capital of the world, then the Louvre Museum is its heart. Being the largest antiques and art collection museum in the world, Louvre Museum has everything to offer to art lovers.

As this destination has the largest collection of arts, it is necessary that you plan your visit beforehand to make the maximum out of your visit. To put things into perspective, the museum has over 35000 pieces of art and antiques.

If you spend roughly 40 seconds in front of a single piece, it would take you almost 14 days to see everything here. Oh yes, please don’t skip the Mona Lisa from one and only Leonardo Da Vinci.

If you don’t want a tour guide to accompany you on this trip, visit the museum’s official website.

Best Places to Visit in Paris – The Pompidou Centre

If the Louvre Museum is the heart of Paris for historic art and antique collection, the Pompidou Centre is the heart of modern art museums; and the same is reflected in its innovative and modern metal tube architecture.

We have already mentioned that France remains overcrowded with tourists the whole year, therefore, you should always buy tickets online to skip the long lines in front of ticket counters.

Best Places to Visit in Paris – The Eugène Delacroix Museum

And yes again, another museum makes it to our top tourist destination list and it is none other than Eugene Delacroix Museum. The museum’s name honors the great Eugene Delacroix.

What makes a visit here unique is that the museum is located in an artist’s apartment; hence the experience here is as real as it can be. Likewise, the place is also a heaven for nature lovers as the museum is accompanied by a Flowered Garden that is located on the backside.

Best Places to Visit in Paris – Sacred Heart of Christ

Though France now boasts the 7th largest atheist population in the world, the Sacred Heart of Christ – a major place of pilgrimage and worship – remains the top tourist destination.

Besides, the ancient architecture will keep you in a trance and you will be overwhelmed by the sanctity and solemnity of this religious destination.

Now, visitors can visit the church’s Crypt – once used as a chapel and worship place. Another piece of architecture that remains overwhelmed by tourists is the church’s 83-meter-high magnificent dome.

Other places you can explore during your Paris visit are:

  • Eiffel Tower
  • Orsay Museum
  • Basilica of the Sacred Heart
  • Notre – Dame de Paris Cathedral
  • The Madeleine
  • Saint – Eustache Church
  • Louis Vuitton Foundation
  • Alexander III Bridge

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