Sandhan Valley


The Sandhan Valley is also called the Valley of Shadows due to the absence of sunlight in the valley’s rugged cliffs. The valley is stunning but rocky, and because of its true beauty and rough terrain, it makes a fantastic destination for trekking. In the Sahyadri Mountains, in the Sandhan Valley, adventure seekers arrive in great numbers. Everyone finds it to be a difficult trek, but completing it leaves one with a sense of satisfaction.

Sandhan Valley, which is close to Bhandardara and Igatpuri in Maharashtra, offers an adventure experience unlike any other. In addition to trekking, you can also rock climb, jump, and camp outside. This hike is well-known for its remote sites, and fantastic photography options.  Top 65 CrackStreams Alternatives Sites To Watch NFL, NHL & UFC


You must first travel to Kasara or Igatpuri before you can get to Samrad Village. Travel by road to Samrad village in a hired car. It takes approximately four to five hours to travel the 200 km  from Mumbai to Sandhan Ghati. 

An alternative is to take a public bus from Mumbai or Pune to Igatpuri-Ghoti, where bus services to Bhandardara are accessible. From there, you can take a sharable jeep to Samrad village. 

You can travel to Sandhan Valley trek by train as well. From Mumbai, take the train to Kasara. From CST, take the Kasara fast train. When you get there, reserve a private vehicles for Samrad. Private jeep rides are commonly accessible. There are numerous additional trains that run along this route. For more information, kindly visit the train webpage.


Any time of the year—aside from the summer—is suitable for visiting Sandhan Valley. As the temperature rises and the humidity increases, you lose energy, which makes the hike less pleasurable. 

Winter, autumn, and even the monsoon season are the most positive and rewarding times to go on a trek through the Sandhan Valley.

During the initial hours of your trek, you will pass through subsurface water bodies that are 2 to 4 feet deep if you start at Samrad. The Tarzan swing point is where you’ll step, use a rope ladder, and then do some cave crawling as you descend. 

Then you will pass through the rock bedrock and descend. There will be deep water bodies to pass through, big rocks to move, and a campsite afterwards. Your bird’s eye view will allow you to see Bann Pinnacle and Ajoba Hill.

From the river or lake, proceed downhill through gentle slopes and a shoreline trek until you reach Dehne village, from which point buses to Asangaon station are readily accessible. You could also follow the exact same route back to Samrad and take a private jeep/taxi to your location, or you could stay at Bhandardara for a long and thorough weekend getaway.

 The cost of a self-drive car for the trek from Mumbai to Bhandardara ranges from Rs 5000 to Rs 8000. Costs for train tickets varies from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1200.  airfood recipe

The cost of a private jeep/taxi Is Rs 50 per guy. Costs for bus travel from Mumbai to Bhandardara varies from Rs. 600 to Rs. 800. wpc2029

In the river valley camping site, bring your own tent for the dark. Price per night for a homestay in Samrad village prices range from Rs. 500 to Rs. 800. Costing lodgings in Bhandardara begin at Rs. 1000. 

Since the trek is through a dark valley with no nearby residence, there won’t be any food along the way. However, there are a lot of home-cooked lunches and dinners available from Samrad village residents who prepare fresh and delicious Marathi style food. braum’s ice cream & burger restaurant

Before you begin the trek, eat a filling breakfast, bring food with you for the evening, and when you arrive in your final destination, stop for a satisfying meal in Dehne or Samrad. If you go on a peer trek, the trek agents will provide meals.


Visit the nearby Myanmar Gate, Tringalwadi, Ashoka Waterfall, and Thal Ghat by taking a short trip to Igatpuri. You should also visit Wilson Dam and Arthur Lake and wander through the enchanting town of Ratanwadi. A few kms from base camp, in Ratanwadi, check out another splendid waterfall.

Discover the historic forts of Alang, Madan, and Kulang by ascending a hill. If after the Sandhan Valley Trek you are not drained. 

These are challenging slopes, so perhaps take a day to relax in Bhandardara before starting your trek once more.

  You can also reenergize yourself by  visiting some of Bhandardara’s stunning waterfalls, such as Umbrella Falls, Kalsubai Peak, and Randha Fall.

A relatively gentle slope will take you from Bhandardara to Ratangad Fort for a further thrilling trek. crimson chin


Beginners should not attempt the Sandhan Valley Trek without a guide or a trekking authorities.

Your energy will be put to a good challenge on the trek. If you have a health issue, such as a serious heart condition or BP related issues please avoid this Trek.

Bring supplements, mosquito killer, and a jacket.

Carry a comfy shoulder bag ,hike shoes and just don’t over pack.

If you want to bring a camera for capturing moments bring it along with a power bank.

Bring enough freshwater from the village of Sandhan. Drinkable water from the trail’s tributaries might not be clean.

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