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“The Grande Island” also called the Ilha Grande is one in every one of the foremost superb discoveries in Goa. The Island could be a house of Palm trees, jaw-dropping marine life experiences, and extraordinary sunsets. The Island isn’t just for the journey buffs however is additionally an ideal destination for couples searching for a less jammed place with amazing facilities.


 One can from sightseeing, snorkeling, ocean walking, swimming, and lots of additional aquamarine activities. The outstanding activity which might be witnessed here is the, skin-dive which supplies you with an image of the underwater kingdom creating it one the most amazing places to visit in South Goa. Apart from these, one also will have instances once they can dig into dolphin observation that is a tremendous expertise and can’t be veteran everywhere. You can also visit Scuba diving in grand island


For a style of the journey in Goa, head to Grand Island, also known as Grande or Grand Island or Ilha Grao. good for daily trips, Grand Island is right for breathing apparatus diving, with a number of the simplest sites in Goa. Bounty Bay, Shelter Cove, and Suzy’s Wreck are some of the dive sites you’ll be able to venture into off the coast of Grand Island. The island lies several kilometers west of the coast of the Mormugao peninsula, wherever you’ll be able to notice the imposing Mormugao Fort. you’ll be able to catch a ship to South Goan island, which is additionally cited as Mortar Island. The place is preferred among people who like to dive. close to the shore, the water goes as deep as spherical 7-20 meters, which makes it good for novices still as skilled divers.


Most illustrious among the dive websites off the island is Suzy’s Wreck, the wreck of a 135-meter British vessel that sank off the coast. The wreck was terribly near the shore. This dive site is receptive to beginner divers as well. For professionals, there’s the Davy Jones Locker ship a bit further removed from the island. And if you like to pay a while by the shore, Grand Island incorporates a few spots for rest, relaxation, and quiet exploration. The Indian Marine Forces use the island from time to time as a marine base to conduct coaching operations. 


How to achieve Grand Island:

For a memorable boat trip to the Grand Island, Goa’s travelers will endure an exciting Grand Island day ride. On the boat trip to the Grand Island, website guests can spot several dolphins in the sea. Most journeys to Grand Island begin at 8:30 AM and keep till 4:00 PM. Those thinking about the way to go to Grand Island may also board a ship from Sinquerim seawall in Candolim. 


Marvel at the sight of the superb surroundings and show pride during a few activities like snorkeling and fishing within the Arabian Sea. The great time to travel to Grand Island is from November to March. This is often once the waters are calm, and also the weather is best for looking at water sports activities. you’ll be able to visit the Reaching Ilha Grande or Grand Island employing a boat, a breath-taking enjoyment. 


The nearest airfield to Grand Island is Dabolim Airport or Goa Airport. The airport is positioned solely several minutes removed from the seawall at Hansa Beach. The closest terminus from the island is the Madgaon terminus in Goa. One will take a cab to reach the dock from the airport or the education station to move on Grand Island’s journey in Goa.


There is not any entry fee and conjointly there’s no temporal arrangement however thanks to transportation issues you have got to manage accordingly.


Things to try to do within the island.


1. Dolphin Boat Safari

The twisting and twirling dolphins are a treat to the eyes. It’s breathtaking to observe these marine mammals in their habitat. It’s tough to manage your excitement after you spot them, however, they do not like noise, thus you have got to keep your volume low. simply sit back, relax and revel in each sight you see once on the Grande island trip.


2. Tour With Snorkeling

Grand Island implies a tropical island occupation to the picturesque glimpses of the shores of the Arabian Sea and a tremendous water world consisting of surreal natural beauty. Now, in additionally, to witnessing the scenic great thing about the beaches, you’ll be able to conjointly experience the journey of watersports like snorkeling.


3. breathing apparatus Diving

In Grande Island, a skin dive is conducted. you may be provided with correct coaching concerning scuba diving before you dive into the sea. If you would like to require the training to a higher level, you’ll be able to be admitted to some scuba diving courses being conducted there. The name itself causes an adrenaline rush and thrill for sure.

4. Bumper Boat Ride

It so creates a jarring ride for you whereas sitting on an inflated boat tied and trailing a speedboat. With the increase in the speed of the speedboat, you will get dragged on the waves high and low. you may have to hang on firmly to avoid being thrown into the brine out of sheer pressure.


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