All about Blue merle Aussiedoodle Kansas city

blue merle aussiedoodle Kansas city
blue merle aussiedoodle Kansas city

The Aussie Doodle was initially referred called “the Australian Poodle when it first appeared in the USA is a hybrid dog breed. The breed is loyal, intelligent, and willing to please. Today the Aussie doodle is one of the most sought-after Poodle breeds in the United States. This makes them an ideal option for families with kids. The Blue merle Aussiedoodle in Kansas City is among the Aussie doodle’s most well-known compositions today. We will learn more about this adorable dog.

What exactly is an AussieDoodle?

  • Also known as Aussie pooch or Aussie Poodle, The Aussie doodle results from mixing two breeds: an Australian Shepard Dog with the Poodle. In most cases, the Aussie doodle is the product of a purebred female Australian Shepherd and a male purebred Poodle. Additionally, although the Aussie Doodle is a mixed breed with little information about its history, its parents are different.
  • You may be mistaken because the breed’s name Australian Shepherd originated in the United States. Farmers and breeders bred the medium-sized dog to manage cattle when its ancestors came to the USA. As with all herding breeds, the AS is intelligent, loyal, and highly energetic.

What is the Aussie blue merle with doodles appear like?

  • When we said that the blue Merle Doodle was the most popular preference, we were referring to it. Due to the gorgeous colors of this Australian Shepherd parent, they are highly sought-after. Blue merle Aussiedoodle in Kansas City features an array of gray, white, and blue, with shades of brown. The colors appear in irregular spots across their skin.
  • The word “merle” does not mean color. Instead, it is a term for the merle pattern or the merle-colored combination. This is why the blueish created by the grey and white designs is called blue merle. Merle colors are often accompanied by white markings, typically with tan-colored points. However, these solid colors are separate from the colors of merle.
  • Besides altering the coat’s base color, the merle gene can change eyes, nose, and paw pad colors. Because of this, blue merle Aussie doing is typically feature blue eyes. Black and pink are the most common colors for the nose and pad. Breeders typically mix an edgy Poodle with the blue Merle Australian Shepherd to get the blue merle coat. Since the blue merle hue is a dominant trait, the puppies are usually born with a coat color of black with an unnatural blue cast.
  • The most exciting part is that science is behind the stunning appearance of the Aussie Doodle. Researchers have discovered that the Merle gene influences the pattern of color, the facial appearance of the muzzle, and the eyebrows.

What is a Blue merle Aussiedoodle in Kansas City formed?

Since the merle gene is not dominant, when two merles are mated, one of the four children will become the “double Merle.” The Double merle Doodle puppy is the “phantom blue” merle AussieDoodle.

Other colors that are famous Aussie color doodles

There are numerous colors due to the merle that comes from the Australian Shepherd and the multiple solid colors of the Poodle. The entire range of color patterns is divided into twelve primary colors. We have already discussed blue merle, but here are the remaining colors:

  1. Red merle Aussie doodle
  2. Black as well as chocolate Aussie Doodle
  3. Bi-color/tri-color Aussie doodle
  4. Red tri-color
  5. Phantom Aussie doodle
  6. Black phantom Aussie doodle
  7. Red phantom Aussie doodle
  8. Black Tuxedo Aussie Doodle (black as well as white Aussie Doodle)
  9. Red tuxedo Aussie doodle
  10. Teddy color Aussie doodle
  11. Sable Aussie doodle

Red merle is the second most well-known Aussie pattern of doodle coats. They generally feature a brown or red (brown) base and some white and tan-colored spots.

Chocolate and black Aussie doodle may include both solid and a mix. Shade combinations are often depicted too. Doodles with three or more coats have three or more colors. They are tri-colored and bi-colored. While they can have the skin of an Australian Shepherd, they are not displaying the Merle pattern. The most popular combinations include brown, black, and red. They are often paired with white and tan, with white being primarily represented as paws or heads.

Although this color combination is some of the most stunning, it is also among the most difficult to locate. Red tri-color Aussie Doodles feature a red coating on the coats and white marks on their bodies and heads.

How much do Aussiedoodles cost?

The cost of a Blue merle Aussiedoodle Kansas City depends on how you get it. The most affordable alternative is to adopt difficult ones since they are not often found in shelters. If you locate one, the adoption process can cost between $150-$500. The alternative is to find a reliable breeder. If you want to purchase an Aussie Doodle puppy, it will cost around $1500-$4,500. The most expensive ones are the toy and mini sizes with tri-color coats.


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